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One of the great joys of my job is seeing how innovative our development team can be, how innovative Microsoft are being and how innovative the world of technology is being. Now I must ‘nail my colours to the flag pole’ when I define what innovation is to me:

Innovation is the development of solutions that meet new needs, inarticulate needs, or customer and market needs by adding new ways and achieving more value.

Innovation differs from invention in that innovation refers to the use of a better and, as a result, novel idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself.

Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different (Lat. innovare: "to change") rather than doing the same thing better.

That said I recently came across a product described to me as innovative that I felt compelled to blog about as I feel confused as to the validity of the statement….

The product, and it will remain nameless, provides the impression of being able to simplify and shorten the development process for supporting multiple mobile platforms for a single app. Now this isn’t another web based product but one that ‘produces’ an app for each platform from the same source code.

Intrigued I investigated further. Now it is described as innovative and this challenges my definition because the innovation is rather than produce an app for each mobile platform it simply provides an app container for each platform into which you ‘host’ your app developed in the products own language. This is not a subtle under the covers framework sitting between the app and the platform but a blatant full blown app environment sitting on top of the mobile platform.

To me this is not innovation or even invention  and it certainly isn’t improvement!  I sort of feel cheated….

Then low and behold I catch sight of another one! Lenovo are offering a Windows 8 emulator app to run Android Apps!! Why! If you are so wedded to Android Apps buy and Android tablet….

If you need an app to run on Windows 8 the write it on Windows 8 to utilise all that Windows 8 offers, similarly if you need an Everything Apple app write it using IOS and use what that offers….

I do not want to think of a development team being limited to the features some third party container deems to offer – this is not innovation!

“Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. “

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