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Yesterday, Microsoft launched modern.IE, a new set of tools and resources to help developers test their sites for the over 50% of users who run various versions of Internet Explorer. modern.IE includes a wizard that scans a Web page URL for common interoperability problems and suggests some ideas for how to address those issues to improve the user experience across modern and older browsers.

I fully endorse utilising tooling like this in web development and have been promoting across our project development teams and even on our own web site!

It is very important in todays multi-browser, responsive designed web sites that we continue to push the boundaries but retain compatibility for the user.

posted on Saturday, February 2, 2013 5:53 AM


# re: Modern.IE–were using it! 2/4/2013 2:04 AM Ben Barreth
Thanks for this post. I saw the modern.IE launch and I've wondered how effective it is. From my past finding myriads of tiny little pixel-size layout differences in ancient versions of IE, I'm a little skeptical of how accurate this is, but I'd be very happy to be wrong!

Have you actually used it yet?

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