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January 2013 Entries

Cloud: Financial Challenge In the new world of cloud computing operations mangers and CFO’s are waking up to a new set of challenges. Having committed to cloud computing and allowed innovation to flourish they are finding the draw backs. The variable cost of cloud usage and more importantly the value achieved with that usage! To explain let’s consider the cost model of cloud. It comes in the form of two charges; a fixed price for simply spinning up a resource and a per unit usage cost based on the ......

For a number of years at Solidsoft there has been the in house joke around the existence of the ‘Psychic Adapter’ for use in BizTalk projects and more recently Azure (Cloud) based application integration projects. The theory goes that if all else fails when integrating with a new system that has no clear API or means of connecting to it the Psychic Adapter will be used and it somehow allows connection to this target system without the necessary angst of the developer/consultant to discover a solution ......