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April 2012 Entries

I’ll be presenting with Matt Briggs, TUO programme manger, at the Microsoft Worldwide Government Solutions Forum on the 25th April.We will be providing an overview of Tell Us One and the journey of how we got there ......

Following on from my previous post I am pleased to announce that the on-line service was used in earnest yesterday by real users!

As Always news like this is always bittersweet and we shouldn’t lose sight of how the use of the system comes about because we are reporting the death of someone.

Yesterday the final phase of ‘Tell Us Once’ went live. This completes the 4 1/2 year journey Solidsoft started on this cross government project with the addition of full electronic distribution of data and the most import piece – access for the citizen to use the service on-line. Tell Us Once (TUO) is the award-winning, cross-government programme that lets people inform central government and local authorities just once of a birth or death. In service in over 95% of councils in England, Scotland ......