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December 2011 Entries

Tell Us Once (TUO) is the award-winning, cross-government programme that lets people inform central government and local authorities just once of a birth or death. By March 2012 it will be in service in over 95% of councils in England, Scotland and Wales. It has provided a permanent solution to the long-standing and frustrating issue of people having to notify the government multiple times. Several years ago, research showed that people had to make up to 44 contacts when reporting a death to government ......

This morning the director of the Tell Us Once project, Lyn McDonald appeared on BBC Breakfast television to talk about the success that the launch of Tell Us Once is bringing to both central government and local government . Furthermore she also expressed the benefit that it is providing to the citizen. Through the rest of the morning the news around TUO is being presented by Lyn and Matt Briggs across radio and TV. Tell Us Once is the major project Solidsoft have been developing on behalf of DWP. ......