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September 2010 Entries

This October in the UK the showing of Ken Follet’s Mini series based on his book – Pillars of Earth will be shown. IMDB link here.. The miniseries took about a year to produce, at a cost of $40 million U.S. The project was funded by the German production company, Tandem Communications, with Muse Entertainment and Scott Free Productions. It was filmed in Austria and Hungary, from 2009. The final aerial shot is of modern day Salisbury with the cathedral altered by computer-generated imagery. The Pillars ......

What is BPOS? BPOS is a suite of enterprise-class software that is hosted by Microsoft and delivered as a subscription service. BPOS includes: Exchange Online, including Exchange Hosted Services, which are attached services that encompass the archiving, encryption, continuity and filtering of data SharePoint Online for intranets and document sharing Office Communications Online for real-time communication and presence (instant messaging and related capabilities) Office Live Meeting for interactive ......

This is a problem discovered by my colleague Dave Robinson at Solidsoft: This is more something to be aware of. I would not necessarily say it was a bug but it’s interesting none the less. We have a map which wants to create an output based on - One field existing AND - One field NOT existing Based on the screen shot below, you can see the “&” functoid forms the creation of the ContactPhones. Behind the scenes the creation of the ContactPhones is done via a for loop “<xsl:for-each select="InputMessagePart_1/... ......

So far this has proved fun to use and also very, very frustrating!! I would very much like the addition of intellisense, support in Visual Studio and Expression!!

First help just about completed….

Nationwide, the world’s largest building society realised the benefits of Faster Payments with the help of Microsoft Services and interestingly enough a team of BizTalk experts from Solidsoft. For a number of years Solidsoft has provided senior software consultants expert in Microsoft BizTalk server and many other Microsoft products support of Microsoft Service led developments. The Nationwide project has proved no different with Solidsoft providing a team of 6 to support the successful development ......