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April 2010 Entries

One of the powerful things that has come into Visual Studio over the last few years has been joy of extensions. With 2010 there seems to be even more!! Of course teaching old dogs like myself new tricks always takes time but interestingly enough some of the rules I learnt early in my working life over 30 years ago still hold true!! A derivation of one that was knocked into during my engineering apprenticeship and associated exams was RTFQ! Read the ‘flippin’ question. (I replaced the original ‘F’ ......

To find the hidden wallpaper: Type globalization in a search of your C: drive. The only result should be a folder located in the main Windows directory, and you should only be able to see ELS and Sorting folders nested here. Now search for MCT in the top-right search bar. This will display five new unindexed folders, each corresponding to a different global region. Browse these folders for some extra themes and wallpapers specific to Australia, USA, South Africa, and Canada. From here you can select ......

Sourced from: CWE This is a brief listing of the Top 25 items, using the general ranking. NOTE: 16 other weaknesses were considered for inclusion in the Top 25, but their general scores were not high enough. They are listed in the On the Cusp focus profile. Rank Score ID Name [1] 346 CWE-79 Failure to Preserve Web Page Structure ('Cross-site Scripting') [2] 330 CWE-89 Improper Sanitization of Special Elements used in an SQL Command ('SQL Injection') [3] 273 CWE-120 Buffer Copy without Checking Size ......

by Robert Scoble on April 14, 2010 Apple has announced it is selling far more iPads than it expected and is delaying the worldwide launch by a month. I am seeing this problem in US too. There are lines in stores (when I went back to buy a third iPad I had to wait in line). The demand is nuts for iPads. So why did Everything Apple guess its prediction so wrong? …….. Read more ......

Here are a few one-liners that use NetCmdlets. Some of these I've blogged about before, some are new. Let me know if you have questions, which ones you find useful, or how you altered these to suit your own needs. Send email to a list of recipient addresses: import-csv users.csv | % { send-email -to $ -from -subject "Important Email" –message "Hello World!" -server } Show the access control list for a specific Exchange folder: get-imap -server $mymailserver -cred ......