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March 2010 Entries

BizTalk Best Practice Analyser is released and available for download. Download: BizTalkBPA V1.2 As always another very handy tool is the Message Box Viewer (Currently V10) which provides some very detailed information as well. Download: Message Box Viewer (MBV) Enjoy your day, Mick. Read the complete post at http://blogs.breezetraining... ......

Today took the plunge and installed visual studio 2010 RC.

Working through the various samples and ‘walk thro’s’

All looking rather good.

Thanks to my work mate Dave Robinson we have a new mock-up of Windows Mobile ......

Preamble: In an attempt to keep an ageing mind alive I have decided to write an iPhone web app. The app will pull together a whole host of disciplines and should be a challenge. The App: Over the last month or so I have been playing around with Google maps and Instead (see so decided the app must build on this learning. Looking to create an Uber-where’s Tigger! Framework: After an exhaustive research period I’m going with JQTouch. tPhone Simulator: MobiOne More to follow later…… ......