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May 2009 Entries

The next version of Groove is getting a new name; the successor to Microsoft Office Groove 2007 will be SharePoint Workspace 2010. Microsoft claims that this is a natural progression since Groove is to SharePoint like Outlook is to Exchange. SharePoint Workspace 2010 won't just be the same product with a new name: Microsoft plans to add features that make it easier to deploy and manage. At the same time, Microsoft says that SharePoint Workspace will make it easier to access SharePoint content (or ......

As news leaks out where the latest round of cuts are: MSDN and Technet Editorial teams SMSG (Sales Marketing and Support Group) MSN Direct .Net Micro Framework team Response point team Little-Microsoft (Microsoft india) 1% cut References: Techflash Blog Mary Jo Blog ......


Anyone who has ever bought something online where the sale seemed to good to be true usually discovers that it is!! The last scam for us poor punters is the sale of iTunes certificates on line – particularly US ones for use by us folks in the UK!!

So to be clear

Is bad, very bad….