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February 2009 Entries

I have been messing around with a number of the MS initial cloud offerings, not the Azure stuff but offerings that are ‘real today’. So in no particular order: Skydrive: 25GB of free online storage Live Mesh: Sync, share and Access files across multiple devices – 5GB of online storage Live Sync: Sync, share and Access files across Windows. MAC, Linux systems – no storage So putting it simply: if you want to have ‘in the cloud’ storage use Skydrive, if you simply want to sync files across machines ......

Received this link from the Engineering team following on from my blog about RC1!

Engineering Windows 7 : Some Changes Since Beta for the RC

Want to ‘blogit’ from Firefox to Live Writer…

This is the one for you: Live Writerfox :: Firefox Add-ons

Have a look at this graph from CNET ( ......

I was just thinking about how far things have moved on in the last five years….and in thinking I got to examine my own home network…. So my home network serves a number of purposes: 1. Providing access to the internet for all it’s users: me, my wife and daughter when at home from Uni, my other daughter when she calls (iPhone usage). 2. My network joins my gaming experience to the outside world 3. My net work streams music around the house 4. and streams video around the house 5. Provides centralised ......

Just a thought…

To enable or disable your Hibernate option the secret is to run the command prompt as an Administrator and then use:

powercfg /hibernate on

powercfg /hibernate off 

To run the command prompt as the Administrator:

  • Go to the command prompt icon in the Start menu under Accessories and right click the icon: click "Run as administrator".

Microsoft’s next release of Windows 7 will be the release candidate and not beta 2.

Read more at Windows Engineering Blog.

So best forecast for the release: I still think Q3 or early Q4 this year – remember there will be a PDC this fall as well…


In the words of the sages of Visual Studio: ‘It’s the speed of your hard drive that makes all the difference!’

See ScottGu's Blog!

Spaceblock now supports Azure: Jim Nakashima (Cloudy in Seattle) reveals all. Deploying a Service Package from Cloud Storage: Jim again blogs about the the new features in the latest Azure Services Development Portal Easy messages in Windows Azure: Neil Kidd’s blog around adding functionality to queues in StorgeLib common code Passing Objects via the Azure Message Queue: Read more in Dominic Green’s blog… ......