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November 2008 Entries

For many years savvy iTunes users have been setting up US iTunes accounts to not only get music, video and film at a reduced cost but also be able to get TV programs early. It has been one of the ‘legal’ ways of breaking the Sky monopoly. That has all been stopped as Apple decides to maximize revenue. Previously a US account could be had by setting up an iTunes account and selecting the ‘No’ card payment option. Of course a US address was required and the purchase of iTunes US gift certificates thro’ ......

This web page from Sprint takes web widgets to the nth level. It most certainly is one page to rule them all!

Lord of the widgets!

Very simple answer:

The Name: Azure… no one at Microsoft can agree as to how to say Azure!!!

The process is simple: Get paid for the things you buy anyway Same shops. Same prices. Just extra cashback. Create your free MirrorCashback account Login and click on our links before visiting the shops Buy from the retailer as usual The retailer validates your sale and pays us Once your earnings reach £25, we pay the money into your bank account or Mirror Quidity prepaid card Use the following link: http://www.mirrorcashback.c... ......

Microsoft have provided and excellent standards agreed format called XPS. Vista comes ready installed with an XPS viewer for XP you can download it. The issue is if your preferred browser is Firefox you will not be able to view XPS files. The solution is simple: Download the IE tab addin for Firefox Install it Then the clever bit open options Set up a URL thus: /^file:\/\/\/.*\.(xps)$/ Jobs a good ‘un. Now if you click on and XPS file Firefox will open and IE tab and load it ......

After upgrading to Microsoft® Office 2007 is the default for all documents is the .???x format for example new Word documents now end in .docx instead of .doc. Although the new file type offers many improvements over the old one, it can be troublesome to use if you work with many people that have older versions of Office. There are workarounds available from Microsoft, but it's usually easier just to send them something you know they can open. One way to solve the problem is to simply change the ......