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Microsoft have announced that their RFID programme has now extended to mobile devices. From the Microsoft beta site the following information has been gleaned:

Mobility and Standards Pack - Themes

BizTalk RFID on Mobile Devices
Support for key industry enablers

  • Run on Handhelds, Forklift readers Better together with BizTalk RFID Server v1


  • Support for new readers with LLRP Tag Data Translation for richer EPC enabled applications Web Services for Devices for Discovery, Configuration, Initialization (DCI) and Management


Built in Mobility Services

  • Reliable submit of tags from the mobile device to BizTalk RFID Server [Store and Forward]
  • Manage mobile device from BizTalk RFID Server using RFID Manager

   Add/remove/Enable/disable device from RFID Manager

  •  View Properties
  •  View Tags remotely
  • Apply Property Templates
  • Save tags to local database on mobile devices

TDT library for building richer EPC enabled applications

  • Decode various tag formats
  • Translate across various formats
  • Encoding to various formats


  • Subscribe to notification events
  • Built in Management Application
  • Sample - read tags application

Mobility Platform

  • Lightweight version of Server platform
  • Event Notifications
  • Configuration Store
  • Provider Management, Device Management


  • Provider development on CE


  • One touch installation
  • Automatic detection of mobile hardware and cab installation
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