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December 2006 Entries

In a great vote of confidence in Microosoft's CardSpace identity system (Part of .Net 3 release and Vista) Kevin Miller published an extension for Mozilla Firefox that enables Firefox to support Windows CardSpace. This move takes CardSpace into the mainstream. Once you've installed the Firefox extention test it here. Previously posted at ......

Richard Seroter has a great blog article about using BTS as an Email Alerter

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Found this great Mapping Resource for BizTalk:

Minty Fresh

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Microsoft have released a whole bunch of BizTalk samples. Below I have copied the links from the site so take your pick and getting working. Main link is MSDN BizTalk Samples Publishing and Consuming Web Services with SOAP HeadersThis sample demonstrates how to publish a BizTalk orchestration as a Web service with a SOAP header and how to consume the SOAP header from a Web service request message. BAM and HAT CorrelationThis sample demonstrates how to use the enhanced BAM features, and how to customize ......

Have a look at this great article on the performance of Windows Foundation. WF Performance Peaks at 10308 WF Instances Per Second!

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This white paper, along with the sample application, showcases integration using service orientation with BizTalk Server 2006, Windows Communication Foundation, and Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager.

Reference Application Pack for Retail

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Solidsoft needs you.......... Solidsoft is growing and growing fast. We are winning new business with major blue chip customers, consolidating business with existing customers and moving into new technology areas but associated with core technologies we major in at Solidsoft! We have a proven track record with major clients such as Lockheed Martin, M&S, House of Fraser, Unum Provident, Department of Communities and Local Government and G4S. We are now driving forward in the BPM space and excitingly ......

Paul Brown of Solidsoft AKA the Arch BizTalk Hacker has been having some fun developing with Windows Foundation and the MetaStorm team in the MTC at Microsoft's UK HQ. I mention this because of a reference to the work in Mike Taulty of MS's Blog. Nice one Paul I believe the term Windows Foundation god is now very fitting. Previously posted at ......

From Zune Insider: Today (Tuesday the 19th of December) we’re issuing a 22 MB update to make Zune compatible with Windows Vista. The update also improves the Zune software installation process, addressing the issues that some of the known issues users reported. Like Jason R said recently “It is plumbing stuff, but it is stuff customers will notice and appreciate.” So you should install the update, even if you’re not running Vista. Get it here Previously posted at ......

On the 14 December Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio - Service Pack 1. Amongst a number of fixes it also fixes the Vista compatibility issue. Beware though the install can take over an hour!!!

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Steve Sofian's blog has an excellent resource page listing all of the available MOSS training links - go here -Learning MOSS 2007 Links

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Have a look at this great site for all things Windows Installer and MSI - MSI Resources

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So I'm in Chicago, attending the Microsoft .Net PAC, it's -8C, it's nearly Christmas and I take warmth shelter in Virgin..... and then I find the Zune section! 5 minutes later minus $270 I'm the proud owner of a Zune (Well 2 actually I got one for the Arch BizTalk Hacker as well!!!). Rush back to the hotel, discarding packaging as I go and then.....Vista! I have an Acer 4000 64 bit running 64 bit Vista and....64 bit XP. Try to install Zune software....Vista not supported.....reboot....XP 64.....try ......