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July 2006 Entries

The philosophy of Solidsoft is very much in-tune with Mahan Khalsa – we don;t so much deliver solutions, develop software or provide award winning arcitectures no what we do is ‘Help Clients Succeed!”Now in the process of doing that we most likely deliver excellent solutions, develop superb software and provide award winning arcitectures! The great thing about this approach rather than seeing the customer as some form of ‘enemy’ to b beaten or have one over they become ......

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A bigger version can be found at : MSBlogs

Big thanks to msblogs for allowing us to print this.

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Now here is a fun site. Anyone with an XBox 360, XBox live account and running game tag can ‘hear’ the voice of their XBox! In fact what it really is, to be fair, is a blog for your XBox in true journl form!

The more you play the more the blog has to say….

Just started mine at:


Having now discovered the way to cross-blog I intend to keep this blog alive! All my Connected System/BizTalk type posting will happen at my companies blog (SoliBlog) and will cross post to here. My intention is to add some extra fun stuff as well here similarly o what my friend Owen Cutajar does at .

Onward and upward!

After many years hard work and effort Solidsoft have finally been recognised as the centre of excellent for Business Process and Integration. At the World Wide Partners Conference in Boston last night Solidsoft were awarded ‘Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year for Business Process and Integration!’ Not a bad week this week after also gaining MVP recognition for Charles Young! Previously posted at ......

I recently read a article by Bhaskar Chakrabarti from JP Morgan Chase who started his article with: Often when I start discussing SOA, a story comes to my mind that I first heard from my grand father when I was kid. It is about six blind men who encounter an elephant for the first time in their life. They perceive the animal differently and start fighting amongst themselves. One who touched its tail thought it was a snake, another who got hold of his trunk thought it to be a tree branch, the third, ......

Microsoft have  announced plans for a new version of Virtual PC - VPC 2007.  While we haven't gone into a great deal of detail about new features of VPC 2007, it will include support for Windows Vista as both a host and guest operating system.  It will also include support for 64-bit Vista as a host OS, and that VPC 2007 will have increased performance over VPC 2004. Previously posted at

Microsoft have announced that: Virtual PC 2004 SP1 will be available free - now! Virtual PC 2007 will be available for free in 2007, with support for Microsoft Windows Vista Windows Vista Enterprise customers will have the right to install four copies of the operating system on a desktop for a single user be it quad boot or virtual image Details and download Virtual PC from Previously posted at ......

To achieve cross-blogging the target blog must be Metablog API enabled. Its then a simple case of setting up the target URL in my case it would be: http://www.geekswithblogs.n... and then adding username and password. This is all done in the Ping & Cross-posting section of My Blog in Community Server. Previously posted at ......

Having set up the company blog site the problm is do I move my old site across or do I maintain two sites?

We are using community server that seems to allow Cross-posting.In attempt to keep the 'old' blog running I intend to cross-post. This posting is the first attempted. If it works my next post will explain how!


Previously posted at

Solidsoft have set up for all its BizTalk 2004/2006/2006 R2 guys. With over 30 trained guys this blog should start to rock. Some of our more regular bloggers such as Charles Young (MVP) and Duncan Millard are going to dual blog for a period of time. I myself have moved all my New Connected Systems Blog Site hosted at the site. This blog will now concentate on non-BizTalk and connected system matters ......

The secret is out…. Microsoft do have an IPOD project being developed under the codename ‘Argo’ Over the coming months there should be a lot of noise around this project. And for fun hear’s the first picture supplied by Engadget! ......

Read this article at : My New Connected Systems Blog Site

Read this article at : My New Connected Systems Blog Site

Read this article at : My New Connected Systems Blog Site

Read this article at :

Read this article at :

IE 7 search providers - Windows Live.

Read this article at :


Read this article at :


Whilst this blog will continue in a lighter note the technical content has now moved to :


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So the dream has gone….. And now the re-criminations start…. And the ‘experts’ have their say…… The reason we failed is simple: Our manger has no ‘fire’ in his belly – needs to want to win not just be paid to turn up! We had no plan A never mind a B or C We are a 4.4.2 team through and through We need to take at least 3 fully fit strikers we are willing to play Friendly-s should mean something and the England manager should not be dictated ......