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December 2005 Entries

In the light of it being about this for a prediction: Premier League 2005/2006 at season end: 1. Chelsea 982. Liverpool 853. Man U 844. Spurs 725. Bolton 696. Arsenal 667. Wigan 658. Man City 579. West Ham 5510. Newcastle 5311. Blackburn 5112. Charlton 4913. Boro 4214. Villa 4215. Fulham 4016. Portsmouth 3617. Everton 3418. WBA 3019. Birmingham 2720. Sunderland 13 Lets wait and see ......

Over the last few months I've taken a calm and considered view of ESB. Until now I have decided to 'keep out' of the foolish arguments that have been going on, that was until I read the 'ESB vs BizTalk 2004 Debate Gets Heated in Barcelona' by David A Chappell. Now in its self this shows how heated the various debates can get, then there is the logic behind the arguments, but finally the penny drops for me as to what really underlies the arguments and inparticular this one. Both David and the Microsoft ......

This adapter can read eventlogs from a Windows Machine. It will read all the specified eventlogs and submit the EventlogEntries to BizTalk 2004. Then you can use BizTalk 2004 to react to specific events


Sometimes when you use messaging in BizTalk 2004 you want to publish messages in the messagebox. And only if some conditions are met, BizTalk 2004 should react to those messages. But what if those conditions are not met.... Well for sure you could use an orchestration and do some business logic to decide what to do. Unfortunately you will need an orchestration then. And we started out that we only wanted to use messaging..... This is where the NOPE adapter comes in. Just set the Filter expression ......

It's legal - just (well under Russianlaw!)

It's cheap - I mean seriously cheap - $1.25 an album

Downloads faster than Itunes store

Has a bigger catalog including some great bootlegs

Allows you to select sample rate and file type - MP3, WMA. OGG



I have invested a considerable time, my own time in Linux. I'm open minded, but I need to understand how I as an IT professional can make a sensible living. Linux takes me back to the back bedroom days of the ZX81 and all that entailed...

What really worries me, though, is this....


Thought I'd bring your attention to an intresting BTS blog site the appatley named BizTalk 2004 Intelligence Agency!!

and its coming!


MSDN Magazine has this great two part article that digs deeply into BizTalk 2004. ......

With the launch of the release versions of Visual Studio 2005, and the gap to BTS 2006 we are in that intresting no mans land where we try to use the oldish and the new. This leads to a whole bunch of opinions such as 'You can't install Viz 2005 with BTS 2004'. Well we are trying and I intend to document the problems and the fixes as we go. Problem 1: BizTalk 2004 Web services publishing tool will fail to generate web services! Fix: Change the following registry key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE... ......