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August 2005 Entries


Am I looking forward to PDC or what!

We have been working with MS on a number of guy 'new' things that the world will be able to know about at long last!! I've been 'fittin' to burst for months!

Also Looking forward to meeting anyone who has come across my blog who will be attending!



The company I work for in the UK, Solidsoft have opened a practise in Chicargo. To that end we are looking for the best BizTalk 2004 guys the US has to offer. If you intrested then have a look at our add at: BizTalk 2004 Guys required ......

A lego Turning machine - coool!

In the intrests of science I have continued to 'attack this problem'. 1st issue 'RAW partition one' : The Release Notes for Vista specify that you can't install Vista on a "RAW" or unpartitioned and unformatted hard drive. That's exactly the kind of drive that VirtualPC creates when you set up a new OS. Fortunately, the release notes have a work around. Setup in this release of "Longhorn" versions of Windows does not support installing to "RAW" disks (disks without a partition). To work around this ......