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March 2005 Entries

The W3C have spent a considerable part of their last meeting discussing how to speed up XML - see The main protagonists seem to be going for a 'Binary' for of XML. This seems at odds with the purpose of a 'Markup' format. Futhrermore the stable door may being shut too late with various 'solutions' already in production. Looks like we may be back to multiple formats again. ......

Having recently reviewed an excellent bit of solution architecture from one of our excellent Principle Consultants it struck me thta a key aspect of SOA is the need to provide a registry of services. Now this may sound like a simple list or datadase solution but what really 'lit my fire' was the use of the rules engine as the registry. What a cool idea - we can use the content of the message passing through BizTalk 2004 to decide the services it requires to fullfil its process. So what we end up ......

The answer came form Dave Robinson - one of the great guys at Solidsoft ( In your schema which defines your stored procedure (for insert etc) you need to set the xml body field to a distinguished field. When mapping from your source schema to your sql schema you will map the values that you want and also you have to map a ‘dummy’ entry to the body parameter (because it’s a distinguished field it must be initiliazed). After your map use a message assignment shape ......

Over here in the UK Bill Gates got given a Knighthood from the Queen although he can't call himself Sir!