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October 2004 Entries


The BizTalk 2004 Server pipeline architecture opens up a wealth of opportunities by allowing you to plug in you own components. Technically, when developing so called "custom pipeline components", only a few basic principles need to be taken into account. As such, nearly any .NET developer should be able to get away with it within a few hours. In order to even further improve this developer experience, this article aims at explaining and introducing a couple of basic principles and techniques. See ......

Is right to select a non-Micorosoft product simply because its not a 'Microsoft' product? In the UK in the public sector a product called LGOL-Net is being stalked as a BizTalk 2004 replacemnet as it can do everything BizTalk 2004 can. Furthermore its also being billed as free. Now I'm all for open source and I'm all for competion but in this case the challenge is based on two lies. Firstly LGOL does not offer half the features of BizTalk and secondly the support and TCO for the product are far from ......