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Preamble: In an attempt to keep an ageing mind alive I have decided to write an iPhone web app. The app will pull together a whole host of disciplines and should be a challenge. The App: Over the last month or so I have been playing around with Google maps and Instead (see so decided the app must build on this learning. Looking to create an Uber-where’s Tigger! Framework: After an exhaustive research period I’m going with JQTouch. tPhone Simulator: MobiOne More to follow later…… ......

Reading 'How to put your iPhone in DFU mode' on http://microtastic.homeip.n... Build View progress bar New blog post: - BizTalk Blog Post Review New blog post: - Consolidating the BizTalk Blogs New blog post: - StreamInsight musings Follow me on Twitter ......

Already for the iPhone we have desktop remoting apps.

Microsoft think around some of the following:

1. SCOM Monitor for iPad

2. BAM dashboard for iPad

3. Silverlight for iPad….another nail in the Flash coffin!!!

4. Powershell App for iPad

5. Expression suite app for iPad

Apples tablet The spec: The Processor: Apples A4 1Ghz Chip Memory: 16GB – 64GB Screen: 9.7 IPS, capacitive touch Wifi: 802.11n Goodies: Accelerometer, compass Battery: 10 hours Apps: Will run iPhone Apps (pixel doubling for games) Looks cool ......

I’ve been using 3.0 on my iPhone for a few weeks now and have yo say – in the main – it is very stable.

Issues I’ve had:

The icons for some of my apps lost their icons

With iTunes 8.2 beta I couldn’t sync with my existing library when I upgraded iTunes ( release appears better)

Very occasional lock up on Pin screen.

All new features work well but with Beta 5 tethering and MMS disappeared :-(

So will we see new iPhones?

Will the iPhone OS shift to 3.0?

Will Leopard be launched?

Lets all wait and see!!

You can take screen shots of the phones screen by holding the HOME button and tapping the HOLD/STANDBY button. These will be saved under PICTURES and then CAMERA ROLL. Holding the HOME button for roughly 6-10 secs will terminate a program from running iif not responding. Dialling *#06# then calling will bring up our phones IMEI number. If the '.com' button is present whilst typing, then by pressing and holding down that button, 3 more domain name extensions appear – .edu, .org & .net. Instead ......

Yep, it’s true – Bill has banned all Apple products from chez Gates. I presume his kids will therefore be all Zuned up! Have heard though that Mrs Gates would rather like an iPhone but….

I bit the Jobs kinds aren’t banned from having Zunes or Windows Mobile phones! Simple, why would they want one!

OK for those who like it first.... The new version of iTunes is ready to download. It includes all the hooks for the new iPhone and version 2.0 software release and of course APP store. App store is hidden at present but you can get to it by searching for AOL AIM in the store search then 'backing out' to App store. Here you will find all the goodie apps for free download or paid download. Remember you still need version 2.0 of the software to run these!! Technorati Tags: iPhone 2.0,iPhone 3G,APP ......

O2 remains the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the UK for iPhone 3G. In keeping with Steve Jobs announcement the cost has been kept right as well. O2 offers the following four tariffs for iPhone 3G: £30/month - 8GB iPhone £99 - 16GB iPhone £159 - 75 Minutes - 125 Texts - Unlimited Data & WiFi - 18 month contract £35/month - 8GB iPhone £99 - 16GB iPhone £159 - 600 Minutes - 500 Texts - Unlimited Data & WiFi - 18 month contract £45/month - 8GB iPhone Free - 16GB iPhone £59 - 1200 Minutes ......

A Windows Mobile phone to give the iPhone a run for its money?


See more here

If we could add Skype to an iTouch we would almost have an iPhone!! Well not really.....

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Apple on Thursday released a statement noting that Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard” won’t be released until October. The cause of the delay? The iPhone. “iPhone has already passed several of its required certification tests and is on schedule to ship in late June as planned. We can’t wait until customers get their hands (and fingers) on it and experience what a revolutionary and magical product it is,” reads a statement published by the company. Getting the iPhone ready for its June launch has had an unintended ......