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Someone recently asked me “is cloud computing going to change the way we perceive data?”. My first instinct was “off course”; but I restrained myself and thought for a moment. Then my answer was “no”. Why do I feel that way? Technology and business have evolved quite a bit in the past few decades; however, the need to effectively view and utilize data hasn't changed. It is not uncommon to see many organization to rely on multiple database management systems (DBMS). Applications and systems are often built to utilize information from all these data sources, and effectively present them to users. In addition to multiple DBMS, corporations are also housing their systems across numerous data centers. In fact, systems and data can reside anywhere around the world with the advent of globalization. Cloud based systems have simply provided us a different place to maintain our data, nothing more. Hosting costs, security and accessibility are different issues; however, the way we utilize and view these data remains the same.

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Cloud computing occurred because the needs of business and evolving. And what better tool to address that need than to use technology. It has made the lives of the business easier and using technology to our advantage will be the trend. - Randall Alifano
Left by Randall Alifano on Jan 06, 2012 10:46 PM

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