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Well, the SOA and Business Process conference hosted by Microsoft is over. Three of us attended the conference from our company. So, I was able to attend the majority of the sessions that I was hoping to. Naturally, as the title suggests, the theme circled around Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management; but the conference provided Microsoft and some of their partners to do the following:
1.      Emphasize that SOA is still alive and can be highly successful in Business Process Management by utilizing proper governance and technology.
2.      Showcase numerous technologies that can help achieve SOA and create agile systems.
The speakers portrayed the potential for good as well as bad SOA implementation in some of the SOA related tracks. They emphasized how things can very easily go out hand when SOA implementations are attempted without consideration of Business Process and governance. At the same time, they had also provided plenty of success stories to raise hopes on SOA. All right! These are not new. We can use GOOGLE and find countless blogs and articles about good and bad of SOA. Nonetheless, these sessions provided a platform for the technology tracks that I was really looking forward to seeing.
The technology tracks talked about various technologies and services offered by Microsoft and it’s partners. Obviously, BizTalk 2009 was at the center of it all. But I would like to mention the technologies that really caught my attention.


  1. BizTalk 2009
    • Full support of 2008 line of products – VS2008, Windows Server 2008, SQL 2008 etc.
    • BizTalk will now going to be C# based system. For example, if we open up Orchestration in Notepad, we will see C#.
    • Enhancement to RFID, SWIFT, AS2 and WCF adapters.
    • ESB Guidance V2 provides architectural guidance, and a set of BizTalk and .NET components to simplify ESB implementation.
    • Better build and deployment support.
    • BizUnit will be part of VS2008.
  2. WCF/WF
    • Core WF engine is being altered.
    • Better and simplified way to expose WF services through WCF.
  3. Managed Services Engine (MSE)
    • Provides a solution for service virtualization.
    • Built upon WCF.
    • Personally, I find it fascinating, and I will sure to look into it.
  4. Azure Service Platform
    • Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.
    • Not sure if this will be accepted by people or not; but MS is investing heavily on data centers around the world. People can take advantage of SQL Services, Live Services, .NET Services (formerly named BizTalk Services) and many more.


All in all, the conference was very informative since I am big on SOA. Obviously, there were marketing hypes behind all the presentations. But the technologies seem promising. Hopefully, I can get my hands on to some the technologies.
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