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Like many teams, we always fine tune our process, so we can consistently be better. Steve Eichert has a great post that describes our process in detail. In addition to what Steve described, we also play a game that I feel has become part of our process. We call it “the leader game”. A person is chosen to be the “leader” for the iteration. The “leader” is in charge of tasks (not story tasks) that would normally fall through the cracks. It can be as simple as making sure time is tracked on each story task, or something more like leading a discussion on a particular part of the system in our software. Basically, the leader makes sure things get done in general. The game seems pretty straight forward, right? There is one catch; no one knows who the leader is until end of the iteration. At the end of the iteration, everyone votes the person they think was the leader. The goal of the game is to be voted as the leader even though you are not the real “leader”. The leader game is a spin off The Mole. Posted on Sunday, July 2, 2006 7:26 PM Agile | Back to top

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