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Ever run into the situation where you want to retrieve a single collection of objects from a hierarchy like the one below?

               IEnumerable<ClassA> {





The first thing most people try is to use the LINQ Select () statement like so:

        var classBCollection = classACollection.Select(a => a.ClassBCollection);

But when inspecting the type of classBCollection, we see it has type IEnumerable<IEnumerable<ClassB>> and NOT the desired type of simply IEnumerable<ClassB>. Luckily, LINQ provides another method called SelectMany () which handles situations like this perfectly. Simply changing our Select () from above to a SelectMany () gives us the correct IEnumerable<ClassB> that we desired.

        var classBCollection = classACollection.SelectMany(a => a.ClassBCollection);
Now we can deal with all of our ClassB objects in a single collection.

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