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Yesterday I got to participate in a very encouraging experience. I got the opportunity to collaborate on a project I've been working on with another talented developer. Being able to collaborate on this particular project allowed me to work with sql, which has been more in my wheelhouse lately and the other developer got to work with .net technologies, which is where he thrives.

What's so special about collaborating with another developer you say? Well, it was more the way the collaboration took place. We sit right next to each other and we both have some fantastic machines to use. After the problem was explained and we both agreed on a course of action, the collaboration began. It was more like a conversation while simultaneously working away on our keyboards. It's hard to explain but it felt more like talking through a problem while sitting on a park bench on a Sunday afternoon than it did writing software in an office building. Both of our software solutions were written well enough that we could make small tweaks very quickly and easily so the conversation didn't stall out and die. After a couple hours, we had come together to produce a pretty darn good solution to the problem.

It was a breath of fresh air in the midst of an otherwise challenging week.

I wanted to share this experience because I know there are many developers that scratch and claw their way through writing software in a silo and it's ultimately an exhausting and unsatisfying experience. To those I would say: writing software can also be a pleasant conversation with a coworker while writing solid code that solves an interesting problem.

Thanks Keith for providing the experience!

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