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I ran into this error while undergoing a renaming effort in a project of mine, and in my haste I could not understand what this error meant, or why I was getting it. Specifically, it looked like this (incriminating names relegated to %n notation):

D:\ BTPROJECTS\ <ProjectFolder>\ <BizTalkServiceName>\ <OrchestrationName>.odx(471,49): error X2289: '%1': must be a port in service '%2' of polarity 'uses' and with porttype '%3'.

Whenever I start building a BizTalk project, I have a habit of renaming things. A lot. I constantly look for ways to improve the naming conventions of every artifact that makes up a BizTalk project in order for everything to make sense to whoever might look at it next. My philosophy: if the inevitable BizTalk novice comes to pick up where I left off in a project, and they can intuitively 'see' my intent through a well-organized, well-named project layout, it means less questions are asked, and subsequently, more work is done - and that I've laid a good foundation for them to build upon. But I digress...

Long story short - I have a port set up in my orchestration as a partner direct bound port, so it's binding to itself. When I renamed my port, the binding information did not update, so the binding configuration was invalid and caused this error.

To fix, simply go to your port configuration and select the 'correct' (or newly-renamed) port. This error should easily disappear.

For more information about partner direct bound ports (and an excellent collection of blog postings on port bindings in general), please visit Ken Lam's excellent blog site here.

Posted on Monday, October 8, 2007 9:09 AM Errors and Exceptions | Back to top

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