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Recently Google has sent an email to its G Suite Customers to tell them that the company has been working since long to launch a brand new version of Gmail for the web. Other than a fresh design, Gmail will also have some of the new features. Google says that after this update, you will be able to access Google Calendar from the Gmail interface directly. This feature will be very much liked by the Outlook Customers. After this update, you will also be able to snooze emails so that they can reappear in your inbox hours or days later. This is one of the best way to clean your inbox if you don’t want to reply to specific emails right now.

The developers who do Custom Web Development know very well the importance of UI/UX. In this new Gmail design, Google looks to present excellent UI/UX before us. If you are using Gmail on your Android phone or iPhone then you must be knowing about Smart replies as you can use it in these smartphones. Smart replies are algorithmically generated replies which will now be available on after this new update.
Google is also working on a new way to store your emails on your computer so that you can access them offline without using internet connection. Google is slowly phasing out the Chrome apps hence Google will not use standard web technologies to let your browser store your data in your computer.
Google has not shared the screenshots of the new design. We all know that Gmail was launched in 2004 and Google has not changed the Gmail’s web interface in these last 14 years. Now you can most probably expect a new interface that follows Google’s Material design language.

As per the estimate and some information from Google employees who are already using the new Gmail design, the new Gmail will be like a hybrid of Gmail and Inbox. You must have used Gmail and Inbox apps, both by Google, in your Smartphones. The left hand side column in the new Gmail will be more like Inbox and the right side will be an enlarged version of Gmail. The color in the background will have a blueish gradient. Every folder on the left is expected to have an icon just like in Inbox and dividers to split the categories. Google also says that the update might break some of the popular browser add-ons for Gmail like Clearbit, Streak etc.

As per the G-Suite Email sent by Google,  G Suite Customers and regular Gmail users will have to opt for a new Early Adopter Program to access the new Gmail. The new Gmail is expect to be launched in few weeks probably in May 2018.
A Google spokesperson has said, “We’re working on some major updates to Gmail (they’re still in draft phase). We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can’t share anything yet—archive this for now, and we’ll let you know when it’s time to hit send.”
Let’s summarize what Google says:-
  • Google will launch the redesigned version of Gmail for web in the coming weeks through an Early Adopter Program.
  • Other than the fresh coat of paint, the Gmail redesign includes new features some of which inbox already has.  
Google recently gave Calender on the desktop a fresh coat of paint and it looks like it will do the same for Gmail as well in coming weeks.
Google will soon introduce an Early Adopter Program (EAP) in the coming weeks which will include a redesigned Gmail for web. As the policy created by Google in May 2017, the new redesign of Gmail will adopt the company’s own Material design standards.

The current version of Gmail features separates your inbox into different categories, such as Social and Promotions. These categories are currently accessible either on the left side or as tabs above your emails.
The redesigned Gmail for web looks like it does away with the tabs and it will look like as it is on mobile. It will have white aesthetic and it might also have a larger search field at the top and eliminate the Hangouts integration which we currently see on the bottom left.

There will be some action when you will hover over an email such as archiving, deleting and snoozing.

The new Gmail will give you three different layouts to choose from:-

1.Default layout will show you what kind of attachment is included in an email, including things like slides, documents, images or spreadsheets, right from your inbox.

2.Comfortable - Easily removes these icons to show familiar paperclip to signify an attachment.

3.Compact - It is similar to Comfortable but decreases the vertical whitespace.

It is still not clear when this new version of Gmail will be launched but it looks like Google will be letting users in through a beta channel in coming months. If that doesn’t happen in next 2 weeks then it is likely we will hear more about Gmail redesign at the Google I/O in May 2018. It looks like most of the people will like the new design of Gmail and all are waiting eagerly for this new launch.
Google has always been known for its innovation and creativity in all of its products. Gmail is already so much popular all over the world due to its simplicity, easy of use and so many features and benefits. Gmail is used by more than a billion people around the world. With this new design of Gmail which is coming after 14 years, Google looks to continue to dominate the Email market for long which will be beneficial to the users, businesses and to all of us.
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