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In this Issue: Michael Washington, WindowsPhoneGeek, Jeremy Likness, Mike Taulty, Erno de Weerd, Jesse Liberty, Derik Whittaker, Sumit Dutta, Asim Sajjad, Dhananjay Kumar, and Avi Pilosof.

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Using Jounce Navigation to Create OOB Child Windows in Silverlight 5"
Jeremy Likness
WP7: "Video on How to work with WCF Services in Windows Phone 7"
Dhananjay Kumar
Metro/WinRT/WIndows 8: "Development Tip – Tab Control"
Avi Pilosof
LightSwitch: "Connecting To A .CSV or Excel File Directly With LightSwitch"
Michael Washington


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

Don't miss the awesome: Windows 8/Metro training new at Pluralsite by Dan Wahlin and John Papa

Pete Brown has posted his Updated Slides and Demos from VSLive Redmond 2011

Connecting To A .CSV or Excel File Directly With LightSwitch
Michael Washington discusses lashing up a csv or excel file to LightSwitch and various methods that you might consider... we're not talking importing here... we're talking connecting...
Binding to HubTile Events using MVVM Light EventToCommand
WindowsPhoneGeek talks about data binding to HubTile events usint MVVMLight. Since the HubTile doesn't expose its events as commands, Laurent's MVVMLight comes to the rescue.
Using Jounce Navigation to Create OOB Child Windows in Silverlight 5
Jeremy Likness has a post up about the navigation feature in his Jounce MVVM framework that makes it very easy to place views in child windows using the Silverlight 5 OOB feature.
Visual Studio Async CTP–Simple Examples in ‘Quiz’ Form
Mike Taulty has a fun post up ... Async CTP examples up in a 'Quiz' format, complete with number of points per quiz :)
Using AppHarbor, Bitbucket and Mercurial with ASP.NET and Silverlight – Part 1
Erno de Weerd is starting a series ... this first is creating, testing, and deploying a scalable web app in 31 steps... all in this one post.
Migrating From WP7 To Mango–Getting Started
Jesse Liberty has a series in play on migrating your apps from WP7 to WP7.1 ... looks like a good place to get your knowledge going in this arena... this first is intro some setup of tools
How to setup a clean error message when your Metro Application does not support Data Sharing
Derik Whittaker has a post up on setting up a clean error message when your app does not... and seems to have struck a nerve with a couple readers... interesting discussion.
Part 17 - Windows Phone 7 - Panorama Control
Sumit Dutta posted a part 17 to his series on WP7 dev and is talking about the Panorama controls
Remove Datagrid Default Row Selection Using PagedCollectionView
Asim Sajjad shows how to stop your Datagrid from having the first row selected by default when it comes up... using the PagedCollectionView... he's looking for other suggestions if you have some.
Video on How to work with WCF Services in Windows Phone 7
Dhananjay Kumar's latest is a video tutorial on working with WCF Services in WP7... good detailed 13+ minute tutorial
Development Tip – Tab Control
Avi Pilosof continues investigating Windows 8 and has a post up discussing his attempt to reproduce the 'tab' sort of control we all saw in the //BUILD demos

Stay in the 'Light!

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