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In this Issue: Asim Sajjad, Thomas Martinsen, Johan Danforth, Kunal Chowdhury, Loek van den Ouweland, XAMLNinja, WindowsPhoneGeek, Erno de Weerd, Sumit Dutta, and David Yack.

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Update XAP file"
Thomas Martinsen
WP7: "WP7 Ad Control and OutOfMemoryException"
David Yack


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Den Delimarsky is working on an 'alternative non-approval based Marketplace for Windows Phone': [Weekend coding] MetroPack – desktop Cydia (alt Marketplace) for Windows Phone

What is My IP
Asim Sajjad demonstrates retrieving a user's IP address and country name by using a free webservice, and has included his source as well.
Update XAP file
Thomas Martinsen has a post up about updaing an installed OOB app.... good information, and source code included
Pomodoro Timer for the Windows 7 TaskBar
If you're into the Pomodoro technique (I had to look it up), Johan Danforth has a free WP7 Pomodoro Timer for you... some discussion about it, and it's now on CodePlex
How to Crop an object using Expression Blend?
Kunal Chowdhury continues to blog about Blend with this tutorial on cropping an image
Find unused resources in Silverlight or WPF with ResourceCounter
Loek van den Ouweland exposes an app that he uses at work for cleaning up your Silverlight or WPF app: ResourceCounter
WP7Contrib – Bing Service Wrapper Part IV Location Simplified
XAMLNinja has part 4 of his series up on the Wrapper for Bing Service that they have in the WP7 Contrib library, and more fully expands on incorporating Geo Location into your app.
Windows Phone HubTile in depth| Part3: Freezing and Unfreezing tiles
WindowsPhoneGeek's latest post is the 3rd in his series on the HubTile control... this time talking about freezing the tile animation when they are not visible.
Windows Phone 7 MVVM ViewModel ideas
Erno de Weerd discusses starting WP7 development without MVVM and then switching to it after adding more funcionality and his ideas on MVVM and WP7
Part 2 - Windows Phone 7 Orientation
Sumit Dutta continues his WP7 series with this one on Orientation and an introduction to what is needed to keep your app where you want it on-screen when the orientation is changed.
WP7 Ad Control and OutOfMemoryException
David Yack has a quick but important post about things you should know if you decide to use the Phone Ad control in your app.

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