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In this Issue: AfricanGeek, Dhananjay Kumar, Erno de Weerd, Jesse Liberty(-2-), Den Delimarsky, Austin Andrews, John Papa, Morten Nielsen(-2-), Andrej Tozon(-2-), and Michael Washington.

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Papa's Perspective: Fundamental MVVM"
John Papa
WP7: "Connecting Windows Phone 7, Zune, a Proxy Server and an Intranet Web Service"
Erno de Weerd
LightSwitch: "Using WCF RIA Services With LightSwitch: I Know You're Scared, I Understand"
Michael Washington


Michael Crump is going to be speaking at devLINK and has all his material up: Slides / Code / Resources for my OData Talk at devLINK 2011

Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Creating custom ringtone
AfricanGeek has a new look to his website and a new video up - Extracting audio from video in Expression Encoder and using it as a custom ringtone in WP7.1
Silververlight, Windows 7 Mobile Development Nested ListBox binding in Silverlight and Windows Phone 7
Dhananjay Kumar is discussing a listbox containing a listbox that had to be bound dynamically... makes it look a lot less complex than I thought :)
Connecting Windows Phone 7, Zune, a Proxy Server and an Intranet Web Service
Erno de Weerd describes an issue he had with this WP7 app in development not being able to hit a RESTful Web Service on the intranet and how he worked around the problem... lots of good info.
Building A Windows Phone App From Scratch
Jesse Liberty began a series on building a WP7 app from scratch in his blog... a 4 function calculator links to everything you need, and instructions for doing the layout in Blend
Building A Windows Phone App From Scratch–Part 2
In this Part 2 of his series, Jesse Liberty wires up the event handlers for the buttons ... once again, good Blend instruction... then moves into the Event handlers and binding
Windows Phone falling? Might as well detect this with your app
Den Delimarsky wrote a 2-post series on detecting a dropped phone... note this could also be a phone user falling... he discusses an Android app that does the same thing, and has links to his own two posts at DZone
Progress on WP7 Icons
Austin Andrews has been updating his WP7 Icon pack regularly... this post is an overview of what he has in there, and a link to the zip
Papa's Perspective: Fundamental MVVM
John Papa's first "Papa's Perspective" in Visual Studio Magazine hit this week, and is a great overview discussion of MVVM
WPF vs. Silverlight - Part 10 - XAML Parser Differences
Morten Nielsen continues his WPF/Silverlight exploration with this post about differences in the XAML parser and how conditionals don't work in XAML as they do in code.
WPF vs. Silverlight - Part 11 - Silverlight on Phone vs. Browser
Admittedly not a WPF/Silverlight post, but more a WP7/Silverlight post, Morten Nielsen round out his comparison series with this on on API differences between Silvelright and Phone dev
On a path to a generic About page
Andrej Tozon built enough About pages for his WP7 apps that he decided to take a shot at a generic page he could reuse... check it out... might work for you too.
Localizing the August 2011 Windows Phone Toolkit
Andrej Tozon's latest post is about the new Windows Phone Toolkit on CodePlex which is for the WP7.1 devices, and particularly the localization support it provides.
Using WCF RIA Services With LightSwitch: I Know You're Scared, I Understand
Michael Washington has a cool post up discussing using WCF RIA Services in your LightSwitch app and LightSwitch in general

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