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In this Issue: Nokola, John Papa, Shawn Wildermuth, Avi Pilosof, Brendan Enrick, Slobodan Pavkov, Karl Shifflett, jbaird, and Jeff Blankenburg.

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Combining Silverlight Navigation Framework and Prism to create MVVM Applications – Introduction"
Slobodan Pavkov
WP7: "Anti-aliased Lines And Optimizing Code for Windows Phone 7–First Look"
Training: "Silverlight TV 49: Creating Rich Interactive Prototypes with Sketchflow - Part 2"
John Papa and Janete Perez


DaveDev posted his materials from the Philly.Net CodeCamp: Expression Studio for Developers and Windows Phone 7 Design Guidelines content available for download

Brian Seitz posted the release of Windows Phone Radio Episode 4


Anti-aliased Lines And Optimizing Code for Windows Phone 7–First Look
Nokola discusses issues in porting his Fantasia Painter to WP7, and creation of his own anti-aliased and alpha blending function.
Silverlight TV 49: Creating Rich Interactive Prototypes with Sketchflow - Part 2
John Papa has Silverlight TV number 49 up, and it's Sketchflow part 2 with Janete Perez. Janete has the code up from the video on her Sunny Pixels blog
Architecting WP7 - Part 5 of 10: Tombstoning
Shawn Wildermuth's 5th part out a 10-part series on WP7 Architecture is up, and he's discussing Tombstoning... or how your app runs without being able to do any backgorund processing... great graphic in the explanation.
Programmatically supporting Windows Phone themes with differing colors for text
Avi Pilosof relates a story about his app being rejected for unreadable text, and explains how that came about, and how to avoid it.
Making Text Clickable in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7
Brendan Enrick has a post discussing why OnMouseLeftButtonDown isn't a grand idea for 'clicking' on a WP7 device. He then wires up a Click event to a command on his ViewModel via MVVMLight.
Combining Silverlight Navigation Framework and Prism to create MVVM Applications – Introduction
Slobodan Pavkov is beginning a series of posts on MVVM Navigation... Good discussion and lots of external links as well.
Windows Phone 7 – Application Lifecycle – Ocean for the Phone
Karl Shifflett provides a presentation he did for Silicon Valley Code Camp and is doing it in spades... including snippets from his OceanFramework.Phone project.
Building a Windows Phone 7 App – Sudoku (Part 4)
jbaird has Part 4 of his Sudoku for WP7 up, and is adding in some classes he is using: choice bar control, and Time Clock.
31 Days of Windows Phone | Day #17: The Pivot Control
Jeff Blankenburg talked about the Panorama Control yesterday... today is Pivot Control day in the 31-Days quest!

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