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In this Issue: Johan Danforth, Michael S. Scherotter, Xianzhong Zhu(-2-), Michael B. McLaughlin, Mike Taulty, Michael Crump, Jobi Joy, Brad Tutterow(-2-), Roger Gullhaug, Tim Heuer, and Walter Ferrari.

Above the Fold:

Silverlight: "Silverlight, Out-Of-Browser and Multiple Windows"
Mike Taulty
WP7: "Windows Phone 7 Developer Tips and Tricks"
Jeff Wilcox via Tim Heuer
Training: "Windows Phone Training Kit for Developers – RTM Refresh"
Yochay Kiriaty


Available in the Microsoft Download Center: Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7

PDC10 has been full-up for a while, so even if you wanted to go, you can't ... but now they're doing _Local Events... keep clicking the link, maybe one will appear in your neighborhood!

Yochay Kiriaty announced Windows Phone Training Kit for Developers – RTM Refresh


I just checked, and SC900 hit on July 10, so that means it only took us 1 day short of 10 weeks to do 50 posts full of fun. At this rate, we'll hit 1000 around Thanksgiving... how cool is that??


Silverlight Watermark TextBox Behavior
Johan Danforth couldn't find a Watermarked Textbox for Silverlight so he did what all of us would do ... he created his own :) ... check it out and see if you want to use his behavior too.
Tracking Ad Clicks with the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework on the Windows Phone
Michael S. Scherotter has a post up announcing Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework 1.4.6 Released, and then he went on in the post referenced to explain how to use it.
Integrate the 3D Engine Balder into Your Silverlight Applications Part 2
Xianzhong Zhu has the next two parts of her Silverlight/Balder series up at DotNetSlackers. In part 2, she's talking about Light, View, and Camera
Integrate the 3D Engine Balder into Your Silverlight Applications Part 3
In part 3, Xianzhong Zhu is discussing Sprites, Skybox, HeightMap, the MVVM pattern, and more.
Using WP7 Themes In Your XNA Game
Why not carry the user's theme over into your XNA gamel, where appropriate? ... Michael B. McLaughlin demonstrates that for you, with source.
Silverlight, Out-Of-Browser and Multiple Windows
Mike Taulty takes on a task he's queried about a lot ... multiple Silverlight windows ... well ok, that's cool, but wait... OOB too?
From start to finish with the final version of Visual Studio Tools for Windows Phone 7
If you haven't set up the new tools for WP7 yet, Michael Crump's post will wal you through getting and installing the full set ... and making sure it's all there.
An easy Windows Phone 7 Photo Viewer using Pivot control #WP7 Tip
Jobi Joy has a cool use for a minimal Pivot on WP7 -- a Photo Viewer... !
WP7 Development Tip of the Day: Understanding persistent data and transient state
Brad Tutterow discusses 'persistent data' and 'transient state' on WP7 ... read his post to find the difference, and how they're used.
WP7 Development Tip of the Day: Copy to Output Directory Demystified
Brad Tutterow's second post is about the "Copy to output directory" choice on images in a WP7 project... know what the difference is? Do you care? Should you? :) --- check it out and see.
An easy way to save state in Silverlight and Windows Phone7
Roger Gullhaug shares some code he wrote and uses for reading/writing Isolated Storage in Silverlight and WP7.
Windows Phone 7 Developer Tips and Tricks
If you didn't see this as it happened, you missed something cool... Jeff Wilcox posted absolute WP7 nuggets to Twitter last evening for about a 3-hour time period. Thanks to Tim Heuer, we can all have those [and I can delete my OneNote page :) ]
Building a DataGrid Control for Silverlight for Windows Phone - Part 2
Walter Ferrari has part 2 of his tutorial series on building a datagrid for WP7 up on SilverlightShow... and he's using the AgDataGrid from DevExpress this time.

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