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In this Issue: Benjamin Gavin, Haruhiro Isowa, Scott Fletcher, Georgi Atanasov, Timmy Kokke, Kirupa Chinnathambi, Anoop Madhusudanan, Mike James, Beat Kiener, Rudi Grobler, Lightswitch Tutorial, Jeff Brand, Manfred Pohler, Indrajit, Levente Mihály, and Erik Klimczak.


Jesse Liberty has posted The Great Silverlight Competency Test [2]

Michael S. Scherotter posted BALL Watch Silverlight Contest Winners Announced ... and wow... do those look great!! ... congratulations everyone!

Max Paulousky announced an update: Xaps Minifier. A Step Forward. New Options and New Features


Silverlight TreeView Case Study - FAQ Maintenance - Part 2
Benjamin Gavin has Part 2 of his editable FAQ application utilizing MVVM, Drag & Drop, and the Silverlight TreeView control
Silverlight Behavior : HisowaModPopUpBehavior
Haruhiro Isowa has a new post up with a different variation on his Popup Behavior of the last post... lots of Blend goodness, and a very nice popup... plus source.
Windows Phone 7 ‘Bar napkin’ template PDFs
I love this... 'SketchFlow' for the pencil-and-paper set... Scott Fletcher has some great WP7 templates you can print out and have at it with the ol' markers... too cool
Building a Windows Phone 7 control from the ground up - Part one - the “Infinite ListBox”
Georgi Atanasov is starting a series at the Telerik blog of building a WP7 control from the ground up... the first part is an 'inifinite listbox'
PivotViewer – Custom Actions
Timmy Kokke is progressing is way through his list of PivotControl features to highlight... this time out is 'Custom Actions' ... and custom is the word... you have to extend the control for these guys.
Making your Content Scrollable
I've got just the use for this 'scroll through a boatload of data' on WP7 article by Kirupa Chinnathambi... hope I can make mine look as clean as his does!
A Convention based Approach for wiring your Views to ViewModels in MVVM - AutoViewModelLocator
Anoop Madhusudanan has a somewhat older post describing an 'AutoViewModelLocator' that he builds in the post and it works just that easy... check it and the code out.
Advanced Silverlight bitmaps
Mike James has a post up on creating bitmaps programmatically -- we've seen other similar posts, but if you haven't looked before, try this one on for size.
Listening to DependencyProperty changes in Silverlight
Beat Kiener has a Dependency Property post up demonstrating getting notifications when a Dependency Property changes ... yep, in Silverlight.
Rudi Grobler is dissecting his Outlook Calendar control he did for WPF -- check out his links -- and in the process is writing some posts on some of the cool features that he's making work in WPF and Silverlight... beginning with this TimeslotPanel.
LightSwitch Tutorial – Creating a Basic Application
Couldn't find a name other than 'Admin', so I went with the site... Lightswitch Tutorial has cranked up with their first tutorial of creating a basic app... looks like a good place to jump on board.
Managing Trial Applications for Windows Phone 7
Jeff Brand offers up 'TrialManager' which will help in managing trial versions of your WP7 apps, but also will make it easier to simulate trial versions.
wFace – windows phone 7 facebook integration part 1
Manfred Pohler has part 1 of a two-parter he's going to do on WP7 and the Facebook graph_API... think posting game results on a user's wall... cool!
Windows Phone 7 ListBox Pagination with MVVMLight & ApplicationBar
Indrajit combines some work with MVVMLight and some specific requirements on ListBox pagination, then threw in the App Bar... check out what he ended up with and download the code.
Exploring Silverlight-XNA integration on Windows Phone 7
Levente Mihály has a great Silverlight/XNA post at SilverlightShow with 4 demos worth of code to d/l and lots of good XNA info to squeeze into your new best-seller.
Building the Elusive Windows Phone Panorama Control
This article is a tad old, but Erik Klimczak at Clarity Consulting shared the Panorama control they built for WP7, but more importantly is they shared the how and reasoning...

Stay in the 'Light!

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