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In this Issue: John Papa, Beth Massi, Simon Jackson, Rob Miles, Pete Brown(-2-), Senthil Kumar, Don Burnett(-2-), and Brian Noyes.

Apply and Customize the New Silverlight Themes
Tsitsi Gora joins John Papa on the latest Silverlight TV to discuss the new Silverlight themes -- did you know about them? -- how about tips on customizing them from one of the devs?? cool stuff.
Visual Studio LightSwitch How Do I Videos
5 Lightswitch training videos from Beth Massi ... and more to come... what more can be said but thanks Beth!
WCF on the Windows Phone 7–The How to Guide
Yikes.... WCF on WP7 ... this is sort of an intro and Simon Jackson will post more later, but there's lots of information here to check out.
Windows Phone Screen Stealing Status Bar
Losing space in your XNA WP7 game because of the status bar? ... Rob Miles gives up the one-liner to take care of that for you.
10 things Beginning Silverlight and WPF Developers Need to Know
Pete Brown posted his slide deck and WPF app for his 10-things talk ... download the zip and read his post...
Dual Targeting WPF and Silverlight (and Windows Phone 7)
Pete Brown's words of wisdom on multi-targetting not only WPF and Silverlight but throw WP7 into the mix as well!
Getting started with Windows Phone Development in F#
Senthil Kumar and Justin Angel are on the same wavelength apparently, developing WP7 apps in F# ... Senthil shows off a template for that purpose written by Daniel Moll that's available in the Visual Studio Gallery
Windows Phone Design Days Presentations
Don Burnett has a list up of links to the Windows Phone Design Days videos... if you haven't seen them, here's a good one-stop spot.
Saving State: Execution Model Best Practices for Windows Phone 7
Don Burnett also has a great list of Execution Model best practices for WP7 developers.
WCF RIA Services Part 6 - Validating Data
Brian Noyes has tutorial 6 up in his series on WCF RIA Services at SilverlightShow, and is discussing validation this time out. q

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