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In this Issue: Phil Middlemiss Justin Angel, Kunal Chowdhury, Emiel Jongerius, Microsoft, Channel 9, András Velvárt, Timmy Kokke, Microsoft Expression Blog, Jesse Liberty, and Jeremy Likness.


Jeff Weber announced Farseer Physics Engine 3.0 RELEASED, has a link to it and information about it.

Jesse Liberty has posted The Great Silverlight Competency Test – Part 1

Chris Koenig announced Sharing the Light – Silverlight Development with Expression Blend... DFW Silverlight training with Victor Gaudioso

Redial – A Dial Custom Control
Phil Middlemiss revisited his awesome Dial control and turned it into a custom control this time ... love those controls!
Windows Phone 7 supports VB.Net and F#
Justin Angel has a post up to dispell the WP7==C# myth big-time by using VB.NET and F#... and he's asking for comments :)
First Guide to MEF and Silverlight (Part–II)
Kunal Chowdhury has part 2 of his MEF and Silverlight tutorial series up on Code Project. In this tutorial, he's builging a simple Silverlight/MEF app.
Drag and Drop grouping in Datagrid
Emiel Jongerius has a post up demonstrating dragging column headers to group data in a DataGrid.
Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1 Training Kit
Microsoft announced the release of a training kit for Visual Studio Lightswitch Beta... no time to start like the present!
Steve Anonsen and John Rivard: Inside LightSwitch
Channel 9 has a video interview with Steve Anonsen and John Rivard talking about Lightswitch, "going deep and diving into the rabbit hole"
Extending the Music + Video Hub on Windows Phone 7
This will require the unlocked emulator, but András Velvárt is giving up knowledge from his investition of the Music and Video Hub on WP7
PivotViewer – Working with Facets
Timmy Kokke is continuing to dig into the PivotViewer and is discussing Facets this time out ... what they are and how they're used.
Styling tips for common Silverlight controls
The Microsoft Expression Blog has a good detailed post on styling Silverlight controls ... template-binding, visual states, and links out to tips for the 'common' controls
iPhone to Windows Phone 7 Tutorial – #0
Jesse Liberty is beginning a series for iPhone devs wanting to port their apps to WP7... this is the initial setup entry with lots of info about where he's headed ... should be a great series!
Coroutines for Asynchronous Sequential Workflows using Reactive Extensions (Rx)
Jeremy Likness has an avowed "Here's what can be done" post using Rx to perform a sequential set of asynchronous activities ... cool example demonstrating it as well.

Stay in the 'Light!

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