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In this Issue: Emiel Jongerius, Michael Washington, Kevin Dockx, Alex van Beek, and Alex Golesh. Sorry for being silent, but dealing with an imploding contract and training my replacement is sucking the energy out of me.

Here is a Submittal only post...


Postponing actions
Emiel Jongerius has a new post up on a utility class that can be used to limit the calls to internal synchronization methods of objects... think DeferRefresh.
Dynamically Loading Silverlight Video Players using MEF
I don't know where Michael Washington finds all the time, but here's a CodeProject post on loading Silverlight video players using MEF with a bit of designer luv thrown in...
Debugging SL apps with WinDebug or the Immediate Window to track memory leaks on a 64 bit machine
Read Kevin Dockx's issues debugging a Silverlight app... he first had to debug why he couldn't debug... and it may help you also!
Using self tracking entities with Silverlight 4 and Entity Framework 4
Alex van Beek has a post up on the new self tracking entities from Entity Framework 4, and he's modifying the T4 template to get finer control over what is tracked
Create Games for Windows Phone 7!
Alex Golesh has definitely been quiet on his blog, and knowing he's been doing wp7dev, it's nice to see that come to light with this new XNA Creators Club for WP7

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