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In this Issue: Rénald Nollet, Michael Washington, Mingfei Yan, Kirupa Chinnathambi, Roger Peters, Rob Eisenberg, and Microsoft.

Use the ASP.NET Authentication Service with Windows Phone 7
Rénald Nollet has a cool post up combining the ASP.NET Security Service with WP7... this was getting a lot of play on twitter last night...
Printing With LightSwitch
Michael Washington's latest Lightswitch post is a tutorial on printing from Lightswitch culminating in a very professional-looking app by the time you hit the bottom of the page... and he coughs up all the source too :)
Windows Phone 7 : Style it using Expression Blend
Check out this post by Mingfei Yan and get some Blend chops for WP7 from someone that knows what they're doing!
wp7dev: Passing Data Between Pages - Page 1
Kirupa Chinnathambi has an example of passing data between WP7 pages. This is the link to Page 1... never fear, Page 2 is a follow-on and linked at the bottom of Page 1, all the source is a link on page 2.
How to Customize Your XNA Game Tile on the Windows Phone 7 Start Page
Roger Peters continues a prior discussion of XNA games on your WP7 device ... you *have* one, don't you :) ... anyway... he shows how to update the name displayed in the start menu, and also the image for the tile.
Caliburn.Micro Soup to Nuts Pt. 5 – IResult and Coroutines
Rob Eisenberg continues his deep examination of Caliburn.Micro this time out he's discussing coroutines and begins with a Wikipedia quote about what the heck they are.
Creating High Performance Silverlight Applications for Windows Phone
I thought I'd posted this Microsoft post before, and last night saw Scott Gu post it, so what the heck :) ... this is a white paper plus samples to demonstrate making your WP7 app perform better.

Stay in the 'Light!

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