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In this Issue: Anton Polimenov, Shawn Wildermuth, Gergely Orosz, Chris Koenig, Tim Heuer(-2-), Tim Greenfield, Nigel Sampson(-2-), Shawn Oster, and John Papa.


Telerik has announced The Telerik Eastern Canada User Group Tour is Coming... ... check out the cities and don't miss it!

Erik Mork and company have my buddy Walt Ritscher on this week: Show 103: Windows Phone 7 Development Hardware with Walt Ritscher

WP7: Screen Considerations for Developers
Anton Polimenov has part 6 of his WP7 series up at SilverlighShow and is discussing Screen resolutions and considerations... what's good for you, the user, and of course the device.
Debugging Tombstoning in Windows Phone 7
Here's a quick and useful piece of information from Shawn Wildermuth that he found buried in a comment that will help you if you're debugging your WP7 app during tombstoning.
Styles In Silverlight: Further Advanced Topics
Gergely Orosz has the 4th post up in his series on Silverlight and styles, and this one covers data binding, change notification, declaring styles in code behind and some useful information on styles.
InputScopes for Windows Phone 7
Chris Koenig has been presenting on WP7 and found that his Input Scope demos were not working as he expected with the latest bits... so he set about to figure out why and shares code with all of us.
Storing and playing media on Windows Phone 7
Tim Heuer is discussing storing and playing media on WP7 ... this is cool because while it's also a Zune, I can see apps also wanting to do this... great post, and thanks for the shoutout!
Debugging Silverlight with Visual Studio and Firefox
Tim Heuer also has a post up about debugging your Silverlight if FireFox is your browser of choice. We've seen other posts on this, but hey... this is from 'the man' :)
Turn your photos into a pivot collection with PhotoPivot
Tim Greenfield has a post up that uses a very cool app he wrote called PhotoPivot that lets you produce a Pivot of all your photos on your hard disk... wow... that's pretty cool.
wp7dev: Count Me In
Nigel Sampson has two more WP7 tutorials up... this first one is a 'Counter' app and uses the simple View Model pattern. He has a video up showing the Blend part of the tutorial as well.
wp7dev: Reaction Time
Nigel Sampson's next WP7 tutorial is on VSM and WP7, and again he has a video showing the complex Blend bits of the app.
Improving ListBox Performance in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7: Data Virtualization
Shawn Oster has a post up that you need to read on data virtualization on WP7... and check out the very similar post he references by Peter Torr: Virtualizing Data in Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Applications
Top Tips for WCF RIA Services: Silverlight TV 41
In the latest Silverlight TV -- number 41!! -- John Papa and Dinesh Kulkarni discuss "top tips for creating streamlined and performant WCF RIA Services applications"

Stay in the 'Light!

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