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In this Issue: Emiel Jongerius, Rui Marinho, Johnny Tordgeman, and Colin Eberhardt.


Arnie Rowland has a very worthy effort going on: Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes ... ... read it and if you need the support, give it a shot.

Bart Czernicki has a fun announcement: Announcing my new book: Silverlight 4 Business Intelligence Software


In this all-submittal Issue --


Synchronizing group row headers with column headers in Silverlight DataGrid
Did you know you can change the caption of the column name on a group row in a Silverlight DataGrid? ... check out Emiel Jongerius' work, and you'll know how!
Export data from Silverlight PivotViewer to WPF or Excel
Rui Marinho has a post up, with accompanying video, that describes taking Pivot data out to WPF or Excel ... the top half of the post is Portuguese and the English is on the bottom!
Getting SharePoint's user properties in your Silverlight 4 application
Johnny Tordgeman has been working with Sharepoint and Silverlight, and sent me a link to his blog this morning... In this first post I'm highlighting, he's reading from the Sharepoint user profile service and getting that info into Silverlight.
Developing a (very) Lookless Silverlight Radial Gauge Control
Colin Eberhardt has a gorgeous gauge control tutorial up on his site... but even better is all the under-the-covers work to make it viewless... a definite good read.

Stay in the 'Light!

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