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In this Issue: Michael Washington, Brian Noyes, Rudi Grobler, Benjamin Gavin, Walter Ferrari, Shawn Wildermuth, Jeff Wilcox(-2-), David Anson, Jeremy Likness, and Manuel Felício.


Cigdem Patlak announced a SilverlightShow Webinar: Data binding in action by Gill Cleeren... check out Cigdem's post and sign up... it's tomorrow, August 19th!

Shawn Wildermuth shares What I learned about Windows Phone 7 from Android

The First Hour With Lightswitch –BETA-
Curious about 'Lightswitch' and want to know what it's about? ... check out Michael Washington's first hour's worth of work with hit in this post.
WCF RIA Services Part 5 - Metadata and Shared Classes
Brian Noyes is up to tutorial 5 at SilverlightShow in his WCF RIA Services series... he's going over the metadata and shared code facilities.
WP7 Splash Screen Tips & Tricks
Rudi Grobler has a quick post up discussing the WP7 Splash screen, how to add one, and how to use one to make your app appear to have a quick startup
Silverlight MVVM Drag & Drop – TreeView, Meet ListBox
Benjamin Gavin submitted this post and it is the 3rd in a series on Drag and Drop and the culmination of some cool concepts. Check out his links to the prior posts, and then come back to this one.
Building a DataGrid Control for Silverlight for Windows Phone - Part 1
Walter Ferrari has a post up at SilverlightShow that is part 1 of a series on building a DataGrid for WP7... he offers up 3 possible suggestions, and will expand his choice in the next part.
Using ChildWindow in Windows Phone 7 Projects
Check out the ChildWindow work Shawn Wildermuth is doing instead of MessageBox for WP7 ... very cool!
Windows Phone performance progress bar update: part 2, remember to turn IsIndeterminate off when not needed!
Jeff Wilcox has a follow-on to his high performance progressbar post... check out how you can drag down your frame rate even with the progress bars collapsed.
Exploring List capacities and growth on the Windows Phone
Jeff Wilcox also has a post up about the memory challenges WP7 developers face and how to use generic .NET lists more effectively.
Code to easily animate orientation changes for Windows Phone applications now supports fade, too!
David Anson follows up a prior post on animating orientation changes with one that is less costly in terms of overhead on the device.
Hello, MEF
Jeremy Likness has a quick-start video he's calling Hello, MEF up at MEFContrib ... I'm giving the link to MEFContrib where the full article also lives.
Architecting Enterprise LOB Silverlight applications – Part 3
Manuel Felício continues his series on architecting an Enterprise LOB app with Silverlight by creating a domain layer around a simple business domain model.

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