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In this Issue: Michael Washington, Michael Crump, Don Burnett, John Papa, Jeremy Alles, Rob Miles(-2-), and David Gadd.


Silverlight Open File Dialog Behavior (MVVM)
Michael Washington has a cool post up on building a Behavior in Blend to produce an Open File Dialog.
“Fade in” Screen in Silverlight 4
Michael Crump responds to some questions about a 'fade-in' screen effect built with Expression Blend, and has a tutorial up on that and a demo page.
Windows Phone Design Days Videos on Channel 9
I've seen a few folks post some of the "Windows Phone Design Days" videos, but Don Burnett has gathered a great list of them on his blog.
Problem Resolution: Installing Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta
Even John Papa can have issues installing the WP7 dev tools, so why not you? ... read how he got his problems ironed out... might help you too!
[WP7] Sound effect in a Silverlight Windows Phone 7 application
Jeremy Alles has a post up discussing sound in WP7, specifically sound effects, and how to do so using some XNA...
Getting Diagnostic Output from your Windows Phone programs
If you haven't figured out how to write debug messages out in WP7, this quick post from Rob Miles will resolve that for you.
Understanding Windows Phone Orientation in XNA
I had a second post to list of Rob Miles', but when I refreshed the page, this one on WP7 Orientation in XNA popped up and looked like a winner.
Building a Windows Phone 7 app with MVVM pattern, using TDD and mock objects
I found David Gadd's post via another link this morning. I'm definitely adding his blog to my list... here's a good one on TDD and WP7.

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