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In this Issue: Michael Washington, Alex Yakhnin(-2-), Vikram Pendse, Kunal Chowdhury, Braulio Diez, Antoni Dol, Nigel Sampson(-2-), Tim Heuer, and Jeff Wilcox.


Erik Mork & Co. have their latest podcast up: Show 102: Windows Phone 7 Development Heats Up

Einar Ingebrigtsen has a demo before and after of Balder - vertex colors

A Simple DataGrid Delete Button Using View Model / MVVM
Michael Washington has another post up discussing the DataGrid Delete Button, and he worked around a lot of the confusion by having only one button... check out the detailed Blend instructions... good stuff, Michael!
Creating Image Round Button for WP7 (part 1)
Alex Yakhnin has two posts up about creating your own round image buttons for WP7. In this first one, Alex explains how to crank up Blend an create one from a regular Button control.
Creating Round Image Button for WP7 (part 2)
In his 2nd round image button post, Alex Yakhnin shows how to change the button you're creating based on the theme in use.
Silverlight On Mobile : Ink Capabilities on Windows Phone 7
Vikram Pendse has taken his Ink experience into the WP7 arena with a pretty cool Paint app... with source.
First Guide to MEF & Silverlight (Part–I)
Kunal Chowdhury has a nice intro tutorial on MEF and Silverlight up on his blog... lots of descriptive info to get you going in MEF.
SketchFlow from a developer point of view - Part II - Dev Stuff
Braulio Diez has part 2 of his series on Sketchflow from a developer point of view up at SilverlightShow... and discusses many of the points you may have questions on including "can I use any of this for my production code?"
Structuring XAML in Blend
For anyone that's looked at or had to work on the XAML produced by Blend, Antoni Dol's post of ways to get all that under control is a good thing!
Windows Phone 7: Tasks
Nigel Sampson has two more WP7 tutorials up while I've been *busy* ... this first one is 'Tasks' aptly named for the Tasks namespace which holds Launchers, Choosers, and Tasks. He then demonstrates using tasks, and has all the code available too.
Windows Phone 7: My IP Address
Nigel Sampson's next tutorial is about finding the IP address of your device even though that's not directly possible... and it works!
Pano versus Pivot: Windows Phone Design Days content available
You say 'pano', I say 'panorama', or do I say 'pivot'... yikes which do I use... check out Tim Heuer's post for some discussion of this, and a good link to a video from 'design days'
Blend tip: finding default styles using “Edit a Copy”
Wanna be a 'Blend "Voodoo Master"?? ... check out Jeff Wilcox's tutorial on cracking open default styles and templates...

Stay in the 'Light!

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