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In this Issue: Michael Washington, Mickael Chambaud, Colin Eberhardt, Jeff Wilcox, John Papa, Jesse Liberty, Karsten Januszewski, Kunal Chowdhury(-2-), and Tim Heuer.


David Anson posted his Updated collection of great Silverlight/WPF/Windows Phone Data Visualization resources!

Using the “Hisowa Simple PopUp Behavior” in a DataGrid
Michael Washington has a tutorial up showing how to use the "Hisowa simple popup Behavior" that he assisted on getting to codeproject a few days ago.
Navigation in Windows Phone 7 Application
Mickael Chambaud is discussing navigation in WP7 and all the ways that can be accomplished. I haven't seen Mike's blog before, so he gets added to my Big List-O-BlogsTM
Silverlight MultiBinding updated, adding support for ElementName and TwoWay binding
Colin Eberhardt has another great post up on Multibinding. He starts by recapping what he has already posted and then moves into ElementName and TwoWay binding.
Looking ahead: Panorama and Pivot controls for Windows Phone developers
If you haven't read it yet, Jeff Wilcox has a great post up on the Panorama and Pivot controls for WP7
You Are Already a Windows Phone Developer
Jesse Liberty joins John Papa this week on Silverlight TV as a follow-on to his blogpost of a similar title.
Random Walks For Windows Phone 7
Jesse Liberty's latest WP7 offering is his ADHD market-prediction app, with source... check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about :)
Windows Phone 7 Development Tip: Discovering and Using Default Styles
Karsten Januszewski displays the styles available for text on WP7 ... this is a good way to keep those in mind while working on an app.
Tips & Tricks: How to change the output location of the Silverlight XAP?
If you've ever had need to move your XAP file to some other location than the default, you might have found you need to touch a few spots... Kunal Chowdhury shows how to do that as the project is built.
Silverlight Tutorials Chapter 4: Introduction to Controls
Kunal Chowdhury also has Part 4 of his Silverlight Tutorials series up and discusses 9 of the more commonly-used controls that you have in your toolbox.
StringFormat and CurrentCulture in Silverlight
Tim Heuer demonstrates how to get locale information into your XAML string formatting. Be sure to read the comments and Tim's response to make sure you put the solution in the correct place.

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