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In this Issue: René Schulte, Haruhiro Isowa, Jesse Liberty, Jeremy Likness, Shawn Wildermuth, Evan Hutnick, Don Burne, Mark Tucker, On Ali Tinwala, Derik Whittaker, and Mark Arteaga.


Chris Cavanagh has converted his Soft Body Physics Demo to WP7: JelloPhone for Windows Phone 7

Joe Healy has his list of 7 Steps to Get You Going on Windows Phone 7 Dev ... I might add a couple more links to item 5, but I'm prejudiced :)

If you're in the mood for purchasing a WP7 Toolkit for building apps, you may want to look into Resco Announces Resco MobileLight Toolkit

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Coding4Fun - Part 1 of the Windows Phone Picture Effects App and Roadmap
René Schulte has his new article for Coding4Fun up and it's a WP7 Phone Picture Effects app. This first post covers the basic app and some basic effects and discusses the direction he's going with the app.
Silverlight : Simple PopUp Behavior for VM, MVVM
Haruhiro Isowa has a tutorial up at CodeProject with the assistance of Michael Washington which displays a simpler alternative to MVVM / VM style PopUps. behaviors are easier to be used by designers and this one does not need any code for basic use.
WP7 Mini-Tutorial Lists & Master/Detail
Jesse Liberty has the first real tutorial of his WP7 series up, and he's aggregating a list of data, and browsing to a details page when one is selected. MVVM and ViewModel-friendly, all code, all good!
Sharing Silverlight Commands with the Managed Extensibility Framework
Jeremy Likness has a post up describing how to 'share' commands in Silverlight, or if you are a WPF'er... global commands. Jeremy is doing this via MEF.
Using OData with Windows Phone 7 SDK Beta
Shawn Wildermuth gives you a step-by-step of consuming OData on WP7 ... good stuff.
Return of the Silverlight Recruiting Application
If you didn't see Evan Hutnick's Silverlight series on the Telerik blog, no worries... he's updating it to Silverlight 4 and the other goodness. This first is a setup, but would be good to start watching for the others.
Recording Audio in Windows Phone 7
As you might expect, recording sound on WP7 involves a bit of XNA, but Don Burne has a post up showing how... now you can proceed with the app that plays back weird sounds... or maybe something more useful :)
Visual Studio Project Template for Caliburn.Micro WP7
Mark Tucker has a VS2010 project template for Caliburn.Micro (WP7), and a short post showing getting a project started with it... too cool.
GPS Simulator for WP7 development
On Ali Tinwala has a solution for all of us without devices, which as near as I can figure out is well, almost everyone! ... he's got a GPS Simulator up so you can just have at it with your new best-seller using GPS on WP7
Getting the Silverlight Toolkit Controls to work on WP7
Derik Whittaker has instructions for getting the Silverlight Toolkit into a usable form for WP7.
VanGuide for Windows Phone 7
Mark Arteaga has a great-looking WP7 app up at CodePlex called VanGuide. The screenshots look great, so grab the code and give it a dance!

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Ok, @billreiss was wupping on me about leaving you off. SL Cream heading to the the blog list
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Thanks Joe! (and BIll)
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