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In this Issue: Viktor Larsson, Roger Peters, Kirupa Chinnathambi, Kyle McClellan, Jag Reehal, Dinesh Sodani, David Rousset, Jeff Fansler, Paul Sheriff, Jeremy Likness, Mohamed Mosallem, and Jonathan van de Veen.


The Visual Web Developer Team Blog posted Hot Fix Released for the Issue of Visual Studio 2010 Crashing When Switching to the Design View

Snipping databound properties
Viktor Larsson has discussion of code snippets up in his latest post. He's specifically discussing one he wrote for databound properties. Nice video demo of using it to get you started, then jumps into the code and how to use it.
A Cheat Sheet for Unit Testing Silverlight Apps on Windows Phone 7
Roger Peters has a post up that looks like a good start to getting Unit Tests going on your WP7 app. Other than the test-harness part for WP7, this also applies to Silverlight in general.
Launching the Browser
Kirupa Chinnathambi has a post up demonstrating how to launch a website in the WP7 Browser, and a video demonstrating it as well.
I want my Silverlight app to look like the Zune client (part 2)
If you like the Zune app look, check out this template that Kyle McClellan posted... follow his instructions and you too can have that look on your app.
How to use a DesignInstance to populate controls with design time data in Silverlight and WPF
It looks like Jag Reehal is pulling a Mike Taulty, and posting a bunch of stuff all on the same day! .. Fortunately for me and all of you, Jag's material is all related, and makes sense to list them all together. He's discussing using Design-time data in Silverlight (and WPF) apps using Expression Blend. Also see 2) How to use the DesignerProperties.IsInDesignTool property to populate controls with design time data in Silverlight using Expression Blend, 3) How design time data will save you time designing Silverlight and WPF applications, and 4) How to use DesignData to populate controls with design time data in Silverlight and WPF
How to find Geographical Coordinates in Silverlight
Going along with Dinesh Sodani's prior BingMaps posts, he now demonstrates how to get the geographic location of an address to be used for setting a pin in a map.
SL4 XNA Platformer Level Editor for WP7: the XNA game (4/4)
Looks like I missed David Rousset's Part 4 earlier this week... this is 4/4 of his series on his XNA game for WP7... this time he's adding menus to the game and accessing Azure storage.
The Post That Was Going To Be On Windows Phone 7 Launchers and Choosers But Is Instead on The Application Execution Model
Jeff Fansler changed direction when he began this post and decided to get more familiar with the Execution Model. Good information and some external links as well.
Filtering CollectionView Data in Silverlight 4
Paul Sheriff is discussing filtering Silverlight ListBox data without code by using the CollectionViewSource object in XAML.
Unit Testing XAML Data-Bindings in Silverlight
Jeremy Likness responds to a query of how to Unit Test XAML with this post describing just how to do that.
Silverlight 4.0 Tutorial (6 of N): Working with the ItemsControl
Mohamed Mosallem has Episode 6 of his Silverlight Tutorial series up on his blog. He's laying out and wiring up event agenda information in the application he's building in the series.
Adventures while building a Silverlight Enterprise application part #35
Jonathan van de Veen's latest post is on an adventure of tracking down a procedural issue in a complex app.

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