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In this Issue: Max Paulousky, Jeff Fansler, Xianzhong Zhu(-2-), Anton Polimenov, Braulio Díez Botella, Alex Yakhnin, Willem Meints, Shawn Hargreaves, John Papa, and Roger Peters.


I found this via Mike Taulty, and it's pretty darn cool: from LiveLabs, and I did one of my blog


Visual Studio Solution Pivot Viewer. Add-on for VS2010 to Visualize Code Structure
Max Paulousky has a post up about a VS2010 add-in that uses just too much of the goodness we all like to ignore: DeepZoom, Pivot, Silverlight... wow... I haven't tried this, but it looks very cool.
A Really Short Post on Windows Phone 7 Navigation
Some things you might never have too much of, and information is one. Jeff Fansler has a post up about WP7 navigation... yeah there's other posts, but check it out just the same
Write an Online Basketball Shooting Game Using Silverlight 4 and Farseer Engine - Part 3
Xianzhong Zhu has part 3 (and final) tutorial in the series building a basketball hoop shooting game in Silverlight using the Farseer engine. This episode wraps up the remainder of the features such as collision-detection, mouse handling, and a list of things yet to be done.
Using A-Star Algorithm in Silverlight 4 Based 2D Game
Xianzhong Zhu also has another great tutorial up on using the A* algorithm in a Silverlight 4 2D game.
Software Distributions and Content Restrictions in Windows Phone 7
Anton Polimenov has Part 5 of his WP7 postings up at SilverlightShow and is discussing everything known about the WP7 MartketPlace... check this out for all the things you might not even know to ask about such as the distribution process or what is not allowed.
Silver Diagram Beta + SDK released
Braulio Díez Botella has a very cool Silverlight and WP7 Diagram/MindMapping app up with SDK and is free for non-commercial use. Check out the links from his post... it looks great.
Creating LINQ Data provider for WP7 (part 2)
Alex Yakhnin has part 2 of his LINQ and WP7 posts up... he's making use of the LINQ library he produced in the last post and push notifications to create a WP7 data sync app.
Fun with Silverlight: Creating a highlights control
Willem Meints has the third in what's becoming a series on Silverlight up, this one is on building a 'highlights' control using crossfade animation. I think I started following Willem after the other two posts, so I'll list them here: 1) Fun with Silverlight: Building a photo mosaic , and 2) Fun with Silverlight: Multi-touch hub navigation
XNA for WP7: DualTextureEffect
Shawn Hargreaves has a nice WP7 XNA post up on the DualTextureEffect... lots of external links to other posts and code.
Advanced Silverlight Navigation Scenarios - Part 2 (Silverlight TV #39)
Karl Shifflett joins John Papa for Silverlight TV number 39 to discuss some advanced navigation techniques Karl has cooked up ... watch this! Karl has a post up about Non-Linear Navigation in Silverlight 4 also.
Quick Tip: Windows Phone 7 Preprocessor Directive
Roger Peters has a quick tip up on the preprocessor directive used for Phone apps... just in case you haven't already been looking for it!

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