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In this Issue: African Geek, Michael Washington, Sl.ayer, David Rousset, Einar Ingebrigtsen, Rob Miles, Ben Gracewood, jbaird, Davide Zordan, Shawn Wildermuth, Vikram Pendse, Xianzhong Zhu, and Mohamed Mosallem.


Jesse Liberty has a great post up of his 12 Absolutely and Insanely Essential Utilities For Programmers

WP7 Fluid Move Behaviors
African Geek has been away from blogging for a bit, but he's back with some fluid Movement behaviors in WP7 ... check out the video tutorial.
How To Start An Animation From View Model (MVVM)
Michael Washington is still digging into MVVM and ViewModels and he's got a cool post up now on how to get an animation started from your ViewModel... hint: behaviors.
What you need to know about DropShadow to create great Silverlight applications
Sl.ayer has a great post up on dropshadows and blurs and they really mean in terms of processing and what you can do to help that situation.
SL4 XNA Platformer Level Editor for WP7: Azure storage (3/4)
David Rousset has part 3 of his XNA Platformer Level Editor on WP7 series up and he's talking about Azure storage this time around.
Balder Tutorial : Creating a Mesh programatically
If you're a 3D or Balder fan, check out Einar Ingebrigtsen's latest on creating a Mesh programmatically
Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer Values
Rob Miles has a quick explanation of the parameters for the Acceleromoter in WP7... and a quick explanation for remembering them too.
Proper JSON Deserialization in Windows Phone 7
Are you trying to read JSON data with WP7 and having fits? So did Ben Gracewood, and he's sharing the solution to that problem with us all in this post.
Building a Windows Phone 7 App – Sudoku (Part 2)
jbaird has part 2 of his tutorial series up on building a WP7 Sudoku game... he's got his pencil-mark control completely working in this one... looking good!
Windows Phone 7, Multi-Touch Behaviors and the Surface samples for Silverlight
Davide Zordan created some Blend behaviors that enable Multi-Touch gestures that you can read about on his post and download from Expression Gallery
Developing for the Windows Phone 7 - Part 3: Your First App
Shawn Wildermuth has a video tutorial up on building your first WP7 app for his 3rd WP7 post.
Silverlight On Mobile : Windows Phone 7 Splash Screen and Customization
Vikram Pendse is continuing his WP7 exploration... this post is on the splash screen and customizing it for your app
Write an Online Basketball Shooting Game Using Silverlight 4 and Farseer Engine - Part 2
Xianzhong Zhu assumes from the first tutorial that you're fully engaged with the Physics Helper and dives into the game in this tutorial... code available and good descriptions
Silverlight 4.0 Tutorial (5 of N): More Blend!
Mohamed Mosallem has Tutorial number 5 in his Registration Booth series up now... this one is focusing on Expression Blend changes to the app.

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