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In this Issue: Martin Naughton(-2-), Antoni Dol, SilverLaw, Jeff Handley, Pete Brown, and Ozymandias.


snoutholder at the Silverlight SDK announced Get Started with Silverlight (New QuickStart Articles)


Silverlight Business Application Themes - ErrorWindow Issues
Martin Naughton has a post up discussing Themes in RIA Services and problems with the new themes. He has those problems fixed and zipped up, plus a fix for binding to text resources and a change for the display of ErrorWindow ... check it out - could save you some time and hair-pulling.
Silverlight Business Application - Side Navigation Bar
Martin Naughton's second post is on moving the navigation links to the left-hand side of the display in RIA Services, and he added a grid-splitter for good measure.
Easy as Pie: Percentage Pie-Charts with the Expression Blend 4 Pie Shape
Antoni Dol has a small tutorial up on creating custom percentage pie charts with Expression Blend.
Experimental Cube Rotation
SilverLaw has a very nice cube rotation example up at the Expression Gallery. It's more of an illusion than it is 3D rotation, but it looks very cool... and all the source is provided.
DomainDataSource, ComboBox, and Load Blocking
Jeff Handley jumps in on the ComboBox issue that we also had a post on yesterday. Jeff looks at async loading of ItemsSource, cascading dropdowns, and binding a combobox to a list of non-Entity types.
Book Excerpt: Creating Raw Media (Audio and Video)
Pete Brown has a great tease posted for his up-coming book... a huge chunk of unedited Chapter 20 all about the Media Framework, creating raw video and audio, and using the webcam and mic... how's that for a big blog post!
How do You Sign In with Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7?
Ozymandias describes logging into Xbox Live on WP7 and what all the options are as you first log in... now all we need are phones :)

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