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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to May 2010 Entries
Silverlight Cream for May 30, 2010 -- #873
In this Issue: Matthias Shapiro, Colin Blair(-2-), Mike Snow, Marlon Grech, Victor Gaudioso. Shoutout: If you're going to be anywhere near Mission Viejo, California on June 19th, set your calendar for this Victor Gaudioso event: New Speaking Event: Microsoft Book Signing/Silverlight 4 Presentation SilverLaw has another example of his Flexible surface app up: Drag & Drop Flexible Surface - Silverlight 4 From Silverlight 4 Binding and StringFormat in XAML Matthias Shapiro ......

Posted On Sunday, May 30, 2010 11:19 AM

Silverlight Cream for May 29, 2010 -- #872
In this Issue: Michael Washington, Chris Koenig, Kunal Chowdhury, SilverLaw, Shayne Burgess, Ian T. Lackey, Alan Beasley, Marlon Grech. Shoutouts: Ozymandias has a post up that's not Silverlight necessarily, but it's pretty cool: Typeface Selection Flowchart Damian Schenkelman posted about the latest: Prism 2.2 Release available. Get it at Codeplex. From Silverlight 4 OData Paging with RX Extensions Michael Washington continues with this OData and Rx post using the View Model ......

Posted On Saturday, May 29, 2010 5:33 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 27, 2010 -- #871
In this Issue: Phil Middlemiss, Max Paulousky, Jeff Wilcox, David Anson, René Schulte, Xianzhong Zhu, Jeff Handley, John Papa, Jeremy Likness, and Marlon Grech. Shoutouts: SilverLaw has a great demo at the Expression Gallery, and we're all going to look forward to the blog post explaining it: Flexible Surface Effect SilverLaw> has another use for the above in this text morphing Effect: Morphing Text Effect Matthias Shapiro contributed a chapter for a book on Visualization and it's available as ......

Posted On Thursday, May 27, 2010 5:39 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 25, 2010 - 2 -- #870
In this Issue: Kirupa, Matthias Shapiro(-2-, -3-), Giorgetti Alessandro, Kunal Chowdhury, Mike Snow, and Jason Zander. Shoutout: This looks like a really nice WP7 app done by a team of folks for Imagine Cup 2010: Ahead ... I hope to see some blog posts and code on this! From, and remember you can send me a link to your post or submit at Control Storyboards Easily using Behaviors Kirupa is following through on a promise to discuss the Behaviors that come ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 25, 2010 5:13 PM

iPad Discussion
I had reason to meet up with someone I don't see very often a bit ago. In the course of the conversation, he told me he bought an iPad. I don't know if I was expected to ooh and ahh, but I didn't. After he finished saying how cool it was and how much he and his wife liked it, I commented "no Flash and no Silverlight" after which followed this: Him: "You don't need it, HTML5 can do everything Flash and Silverlight does" Me: "Wait... you're telling me that the iPad converts existing Flash content into ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:40 AM

Silverlight Cream for May 25, 2010 -- #869
In this Issue: Miroslav Miroslavov, Victor Gaudioso, Phil Middlemiss, Jonathan van de Veen, Lee, and Domagoj Pavlešic. From Book Folding effect using Pixel Shader On the new CompleteIT site, did you know the page-folding was done using PixelShaders? I hadn't put much thought into it, but that's pretty cool, and Miroslav Miroslavov has a blog post up discussing it, and the code behind it. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to create a Slider with a ToolTip that shows the Value ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 25, 2010 4:30 AM

Silverlight Cream for May 24, 2010 -- #868
In this Issue: Victor Gaudioso, Weidong Shen, SilverLaw, Alnur Ismail, Damon Payne, and Karl Erickson. Shoutout: Tim Greenfield posted his slides and materials (not the padlock yet) from Portland Code Camp: Rx for Silverlight at Portland CodeCamp András Velvárt posted his material from his User Group talk: 20 Silverlight 4 demos in one zip file From New Silverilght Video Tutotial: How to Build Your Very Own Tutorial Cam Do you like the video Victor Gaudioso has of himself in ......

Posted On Monday, May 24, 2010 4:18 PM

What I’m Reading – 2 – Microsoft Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook
A while back I mentioned that I had a couple books on my desktop that I’ve been “shooting holes” in … in other words, reading pieces that are interesting at the time, or looking something up rather than starting at the front and heading for the back. The book I want to mention today is Microsoft Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook : by Gill Cleeren and Kevin Dockx. As opposed to the authors of the last book I reviewed, I don’t personally know Gill or Kevin, but I’ve blogged a lot of their articles… ......

Posted On Sunday, May 23, 2010 4:39 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 22, 2010 -- #867
In this Issue: Michael Washington, Xianzhong Zhu, Jim Lynn, Laurent Bugnion, and Kyle McClellan. A ton of Shoutouts this time: Cigdem Patlak (CrocusGirl) is interviewed about Silverlight 4 on Channel 9: Silverlight discussion with Cigdem Patlak Timmy Kokke has material up from a presentation he did, and check out the SilverAmp project he's got going: Code & Slides – SDE – What’s new in Silverlight 4 Graham Odds at ScottLogic has an interesting post up: Contextual cues in user interface design ......

Posted On Saturday, May 22, 2010 11:19 AM

Silverlight Cream for May 21, 2010 -- #866
In this Issue: Mike Snow, Victor Gaudioso, Ola Karlsson, Josh Twist(-2-), Yavor Georgiev, Jeff Wilcox, and Jesse Liberty. Shoutouts: Frank LaVigne has an interesting observation on his site: The Big Take-Away from MIX10 Rishi has updated all his work including a release of nRoute to the latest bits: nRoute Samples Revisited Looks like I posted one of Erik Mork's links two days in a row :) ... that's because I meant to post this one: Silverlight Week – How to Choose a Mobile Platform Just in case ......

Posted On Friday, May 21, 2010 3:22 AM

Silverlight Cream for May 19, 2010 -- #865
In this Issue: Michael Washington, Mike Snow(-2-), Justin Angel(-2-), Jeremy Likness, and David Kelley. Shoutout: Erik Mork and crew have their latest up: Silverlight Week – Silverlight Android? From Simple Silverlight 4 Example Using oData and RX Extensions Michael Washington has a follow-on tutorial up on ViewModel, Rx, and lashed up to OData... good detailed tutorial with external links for more information. Silverlight Tip of the Day #21 – Animation Easing Mike Snow has ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 19, 2010 5:35 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 18, 2010 -- #864
In this Issue: Jesse Liberty, Chris Koenig, Kyle McClellan, Kunal Chowdhury(-2-), Tim Heuer, and Jonathan van de Veen. Shoutout: René Schulte has posted a SLARToolkit Beginner's Guide Erik Mork and the Sparkling Podcast crew posted Silverlight Week – Silverlight Android? John Papa opens up a dialog: Ask the Experts on Silverlight TV ... get your questions answered! From Windows Phone 7 For Silverlight Programmers Jesse Liberty's starting a series on WP7, so you obviously don't ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 5:47 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 17, 2010 -- #863
In this Issue: Christian Schormann, Vladimir Bodurov, Pete Brown, Justin Angel, John Papa(-2-), Fons Sonnemans, Miroslav Miroslavov, and Jeremy Likness. Shoutouts: Jeff Brand has been doing WP7 presentations and posted Windows Phone 7 Presentation and Sample Code Mark Tucker posted about his Windows Phone 7 Presentation at Desert Code Camp 2010 John Allwright discusses 4 New case Studies on Silverlight at the Winter Olympics From New Video by Jon Harris: Blend 4 for Windows ......

Posted On Monday, May 17, 2010 4:48 PM

Happy 3rd Birthday SilverlightCream!
Happy 3rd Birthday! Yesterday (May 16) was the 'Birthday' of SilverlightCream, which started just after MIX in 2007 with a post "Interesting Silverlight posts today: Silverlight Control & Silverlight Pad". Too many good posts flying around led me to want to archive them, particularly since I was being aggregated at a new site, and I could give some of that 'reach' to the community. Saturday's post was number 862, and as of that post, there were 5697 blog posts archived in the ......

Posted On Monday, May 17, 2010 4:25 AM

Silverlight Cream for May 15, 2010 -- #862
In this Issue: Victor Gaudioso, Antoni Dol(-2-), Brian Genisio, Shawn Wildermuth, Mike Snow, Phil Middlemiss, Pete Brown, Kirupa, Dan Wahlin, Glenn Block, Jeff Prosise, Anoop Madhusudanan, and Adam Kinney. Shoutouts: Victor Gaudioso would like you to Checkout my Interview with Microsoft’s Murray Gordon at MIX 10 Pete Brown announced: Connected Show Podcast #29 With … Me! From New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create Fast Forward for the MediaElement Victor Gaudioso's latest ......

Posted On Saturday, May 15, 2010 3:22 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 13, 2010 -- #861
In this Issue: Sigurd Snørteland, Jeff Prosise, DaveDev, Joe Zhou, Chris Eargle, John Papa(-2-, -3-), and David Anson(-2-). Shoutouts: In with the links I've listed below, Sigurd Snørteland also sent a link to this app he's working on which is actually pretty cool to see: ZuneLight. The code is not yet available. He also has a no-code demo of a Silverlight Media Center Pieter Voloshyn, Luiz Thadeu, and Jhun Iti have a very nice Silverlight image editor up: Thumba From WP7 - ......

Posted On Thursday, May 13, 2010 6:33 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 12, 2010 -- #860
In this Issue: Miroslav Miroslavov(-2-), Mike Snow(-2-, -3-), Paul Sheriff, Fadi Abdelqader, Jeremy Likness, Marlon Grech, and Victor Gaudioso. Shoutouts: Andy Beaulieu has a cool WP7 game up and is looking for opinions/comments: Droppy Pop: A Windows Phone 7 Game Karl Shifflett has code and video tutorials up for the app he wrote for the WPF LOB tour he just did: Stuff – WPF Line of Business Using MVVM Video Tutorial From Flipping panels I had missed this 3rd part of the CompleteIT ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 12, 2010 5:50 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 11, 2010 -- #859
In this All Submittal Issue: Colin Eberhardt, Ken Johnson, Alan Beasley, Pencho Popadiyn, Phil Middlemiss, Khawar(-2-), Levente Mihály, Alex van Beek, Bart Czernicki, Michael Washington, and Mark Monster. Shoutout: Not Silverlight necessarily, but definitely VS2010, read what Brett Balmer has to say In Defense of Portrait Mode From Silverlight MultiBinding solution for Silverlight 4 Colin Eberhardt updated his Silverlight Multibinding solution to Silverlight 4. Great article ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 11, 2010 4:53 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 08, 2010 -- #858
In this Issue: Phil Middlemiss, Jaime Rodriguez, Senthil Kumar, Mike Snow, DaveDev, Gergely Orosz, Kirupa, Cheryl Simmons, András Velvárt, Dan Wahlin, Michael D. Brown, and Ben Rush. Shoutouts: Erik Mork and crew have their latest up: This Week In Silverlight – Where’s the Tablet? Chris Rouw has a good link post and instructions on WCF RIA services: Deploying and Configuring Silverlight 4 and WCF RIA Services From Quick and Easy Sscalable Rounded Bevels Phil Middlemiss duplicates ......

Posted On Saturday, May 8, 2010 8:55 AM

Silverlight Cream for May 06, 2010 -- #857
In this Issue: Alan Beasley, Josh Twist, Mike Snow(-2-, -3-), John Papa(-2-), David Kelley, and David Anson(-2-). Shoutout: John Papa posted a question: Do You Want be on Silverlight TV? From ListBox Styling (Part 3 - Additional Templates) in Expression Blend & Silverlight Alan Beasley has part 3 of his ListBox styling tutorial in Expression Blend up... another great tutorial and all the code. Securing Your Silverlight Applications Josh Twist has a nice long post up on Securing ......

Posted On Thursday, May 6, 2010 5:07 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 05, 2010 -- #856
In this Issue: Jeremy Alles(-2-), Kunal Chowdhury, anand iyer, Yochay Kiriaty(-2-, -3-), Max Paulousky, David Kelley, smartyP, Tim Heuer, and Dan Wahlin. Shoutout: Tim Heuer provides links for all the Ways to give feedback on Silverlight From [WP7] Bug when using NavigationService in Windows Phone 7 Jeremy Alles has blogged about a bug he found using the Navigation service in WP7. He gives the steps to reproduce and a couple possible workarounds. [WP7] Using the camera in the ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 5, 2010 11:26 AM

Silverlight Cream for May 04, 2010 -- #855
In this Issue: John Papa, Adam Kinney, Mike Taulty, Kirupa, Gunnar Peipman, Mike Snow(-2-, -3-), Jesse Liberty, and Lee. Shoutout: Jeff Wilcox announced Silverlight Unit Test Framework: New version in the April 2010 Silverlight Toolkit From Silverlight TV 23: MVP Q&A with WWW (Wildermuth, Wahlin and Ward) John Papa has Silverlight 23 up which is a panel discussion between Shawn Wildermuth, Dan Wahlin, Ward Bell and John... wow... what a crew! Design-time Resources in Expression ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 4, 2010 5:25 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 02, 2010 -- #854
In this Issue: Michael Washington, Jason Young(-2-, -3-), Phil Middlemiss, Jeremy Likness, Victor Gaudioso, Kunal Chowdhury, Antoni Dol, and Jacek Ciereszko(-2-). Shoutout: Victor Gaudioso has aggregated All of My Silverlight Video Tutorials in One Place (revised again 05.02.10) From Unit Testing A Silverlight 'Simplified MVVM' Modal Popup Michael Washington's latest 'Simplified MVVM' post is published at The Code Project and is on Unit Testing with MVVM. Input Localization ......

Posted On Sunday, May 2, 2010 4:58 PM

Silverlight Cream for May 01, 2010 -- #853
In this Issue: Damian Schenkelman, Rob Eisenberg, Sergey Barskiy, Victor Gaudioso, CorrinaB, Mike Snow, and Adam Kinney. From Prism’s future: Trying to summarize things Damian Schenkelman collected links to the latest Prism information to provide a reference post, including discussing WP7. MVVM Study - Interlude Rob Eisenberg discusses MVVM - it's beginnings and links out to all the major players old and new. Windows Phone 7 Database Here we go... Sergey Barskiy converted his ......

Posted On Saturday, May 1, 2010 4:58 PM

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