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In this Issue: Michael Washington, Phil Middlemiss, Yochay Kiriaty, Giorgetti Alessandro, Mike Snow, John Papa, SilverLaw, smartyP, and Pete Brown.


Steve Wortham sent me a link to his RegEx tool that is written in Silverlight... definitely worth a look: Introducing Code Hinting for Regular Expressions

Joshua Blake posted his MIX10 materials: MIX10 NUI session sample code


Silverlight MVVM: An (Overly) Simplified Explanation
Michael Washington has a tutorial up for getting your arms (and head) around MVVM and Silverlight, and Blend too.
A Chrome and Glass Theme - Part 3
Phil Middlemiss has part 3 up of his tutorial series on building an awesome theme for Silverlight... he's styling the textbox and checkbox this time around, and improving the button too
Automatic Rotation Support or Automatic Multi-Orientation Layout Support for Windows Phone
Yochay Kiriaty is giving up some WP7 goodness with his post on Multi-Orientation Layout Support ... yeah I had to say it twice myself :) good links and all the code in addition to the good blog post
Silverlight Navigation Framework: resolve the pages using an IoC container
Giorgetti Alessandro has some pretty cool code up as a proof of concept of using an IoC container with the Navigation Framework of Silverlight 4.
Silverlight Tip of the Day No. 109 – Attach to Process Debugging
Mike Snow is back doing Tips of the Day... and number 109 is showing how to attach the debugger to a running Silverlight app.
Silverlight TV 20: Community Driven Development with WCF RIA Services
In his latest Silverlight TV episode, John Papa talks with Jeff Handley about RIA Services, and how feedback from the community helped shape the product.
ChildWindowMouseScrollResizeBehavior - Silverlight 3
SilverLaw has a new Behavior up at the Expression Gallery that gives you resizing on a ChildWindow using the Mouse Wheel.
Creating a Windows Phone 7 Metro Style Pivot Application [Part 3]
smartyP has the 3rd and final episode for his WP7 Pivot up, and this one includes not only the source but a video tutorial.
Layout Rounding
Pete Brown talks about Layout Rounding and it has nothing to do with rounding corners... it has to do with rounding off where your objects get placed pixel-wise ... I've blogged about this seemingly-anti-aliasing more than once... Pete has the real answer

Stay in the 'Light!

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