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In this Issue: András Velvárt, Bobby Diaz, John Papa/Laurent Bugnion, Jesse Liberty, Christopher Bennage, Tim Greenfield, and Cameron Albert.


Svetla Stoycheva of SilverlightShow has an Interview with SilverlightShow Eco Contest Grand Prize Winner Daniel James

Svetla Stoycheva of SilverlightShow also has an Interview with SilverlightShow Eco Contest Community Vote Winner Cigdem Patlak

File this under #DoesHeEverSleep, Nokola has an EasyPainter Source Pack 1 Refresh

And another filing in the same category by Nokola: EasyPainter Source Pack 2: Flickr, ComboCheckBox and more!

In my last pre-#MIX10 'Cream post: From
A Designer-friendly Approach to MVVM
András Velvárt has an MVVM tutorial up on SilverlightShow from the Designer perspective of wiring up the View and ViewModel... good stuff my friend!
Generate Strongly Typed Observable Events for the Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx)
In an effort to get more familiar with Rx, Bobby Diaz built a WhiteBoard app... there's a demo page plus the source... thanks Bobby!
Silverlight TV 13: MVVM Light Toolkit
My friend Laurent Bugnion is probably in the air flying to MIX10 right now, but at the MVP Summit last month, he recorded with John Papa and they produced an episode of Silverlight TV for Laurent's MVVM Light ... good stuff guys... see you tomorrow :)
WCF Ria Services For Real
Jesse Liberty has a great tutorial up on what it takes to get real data into your app ... you know... the stuff you have to get after reading a blog post that uses local stuff :)
1 Simple Step for Commanding in Silverlight
Christopher Bennage is discussing Commanding and of course is using Caliburn for the example :)
Use Silverlight Reactive Extensions (Rx) to build responsive UIs
Tim Greenfield is beginning a two-parter on using Rx. In this first he has a comparison of with and without Rx... cool idea.
General Purpose Sprite Class
On the heels of Bill Reiss' Sprite posts, Cameron Albert has a General Purpose Sprite class post up using Bill's SilverSprite.

Stay in the 'Light!

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